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Renewal Policies and Services

Courtesy Notification: Your Loan Period Will Expire!

As a special library service, courtesy notices will be sent per e-mail shortly before your load period expires to remind you to return borrowed books or apply for renewal. This courtesy reminder message is a voluntary, optional service provided by the library and does not absolve the user regarding his/her duty to monitor loan period deadlines. The library assumes no guarantee for the timely sending of these e-mails.
We ask you to please keep your user details up-to-date and ensure the e-mail address you provided is correct. Please check your messages regularly! (The library receives numerous undeliverable notices daily because the user has failed to update his/her e-mail address, or the recipient’s mailbox is full, or the mailserver did not deliver notification in the respective time.) Please ensure that the library has your most current contact information. You can update your contact information at the leihstelle.bibliothek(/\t)

Renewal at the Circulation Desk

Borrowed books and materials must be renewed at the Circulation Desk in person during normal library operating hours and before the loan period deadline expires. You must present the books and your library card. The loan period can be continually extended if the books you have borrowed have not been requested by another library user. Books that have been recalled must be renewed in person at the library. Please bring the books with you!

Beginning in March 2008: For students, diploma degree/doctoral candidates and general patronsthe total maximum loan period is restricted to 25 months.
Within this time period, books may be renewed as often as the user wishes, however after the expiration of the 25 month period, the books must be returned in order to be available for the general public. These measures apply equally to new and existing loans.
(Should the user still require the books after a loan period of over two years, the books can, of course, be re-issued as a new loan).
Please note: The loan period of one month applies just as with a first loan issuance and renewal!

Renewing Books Online Yourself ...

in LISSS (only before the loan period expires!)
After registering in LISSS access yióur user account in the menu bar under “Mein Konto” (My Account) to view the list of books you have checked out. To renew the loan period, click on "Ausgewählte verlängern". The loan period will be extended from its original return date. You must apply for online renewal before the loan period expires. After renewing, please ensure that the loan period has actually been extended on all books. Books can only be renewed if the they have not been requested by another library user and have not exceeded the maximum loan period.
How do I register for LISSS?
(If you are unable to extend the loan period online, please contact us and as an exception, we will renew your loan period over the phone. Please call us at: 0732-2468-4848 or 4847.)

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