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Theses and Dissertations

ePUB: 100% JKU - 100% Open Access to Full Texts

ePUB is the Linz University Library's publication server, providing JKU students with access to university papers. ePUB is a full-text repository that allows students to easily upload their published academic work online and make it available worldwide. The university publications can be viewed by faculties and institutes, keywords and people can be visualized in clouds.

ePUB Repository

Academic papers at the Johannes Kepler University Linz are available online via LISSS. Search by author, title, or by key word.

See "Catalog“ under "Advance Search" to search directly for “Hochschulschriften”.

To see ALL "Hochschulschriften", enter the following search field:
ALL Diploma degree theses at the JKU: Linz, Univ., Dipl.-Arb.
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ALL Bachelor's degree theses at the JKU: Linz, Univ., Bakk.
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