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Periodicals TITLES and INVENTORY

Periodicals can be found in the Main Campus Library in front of the book inventory in each subject area in alphabetical order by title.
Periodicals cannot be checked out.
If a certain periodical is not available in Linz , you can request a copy of the article via interlibrary loan or search and order the article yourself via Document Delivery Services.

Printed periodicals in all Austrian libraries can be found in the Sub-Catalog of the Verbundkataloges; here you will also find the inventory of the JKU main campus library!

Full texts of over 37,000 freely accessible or licensed by JKU eJournals can be found in the EZB.

The German Periodical Database ZDB contains the periodical inventories of German libraries, including electronic periodicals arranged according to subject area: approx. 8500 titles on a title level are linked to the EZB.