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Our resources support the academic degree programs offered at the JKU: Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, Engineering and Natural Sciences.

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Inventory: 1.270,000 volumes
Registered Users: 293,770
Loans, Extensions: 564,301
Licenced eJournals: 21,420
eBooks in the Opac: 32,044

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The Progression of the Library Homepage

A Look Back at 20 Years of the Library Website

The library went online with its own homepage in 1996:

The old web design may look old-fashioned and a bit simple but at that time it was quite state-of-the-art.

... laboriously created in HTML! ;-)


After 2000, the library homepage sported a more sophisticated and complex look.

... created using an HTML editor


A few years later - and until Fall 2008 - the homepage looked like this …


… before 2008 the new CMS system replaced the old design and the homepage had a uniformed "JKU" look.