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Our resources support the academic degree programs offered at the JKU: Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, Engineering and Natural Sciences.

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Inventory: 1.270,000 volumes
Registered Users: 293,770
Loans, Extensions: 564,301
Licenced eJournals: 21,420
eBooks in the Opac: 32,044

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General Information, History, Inventory Collection and Use


In April 1965, one and a half years before the first lecture at the newly founded College of Social and Economic Sciences, work on the library had begun. The new library’s basic inventory was mostly comprised of scientific books donated by the previously dissolved Amerika-Haus in Linz.

In the Fall of 1967 the library was temporarily housed in the upper levels of the Mensa building. The reading rooms provided space for 100 users.

In May 1984 the new main campus library building, designed by architects Perotti / Eisendle / Treml, was officially opened. The library houses over 450.000 volumes, a majority of which are freely accessible to library visitors, providing 260 jobs for library users.

With the acquisition of the new building, the automated loan booking (GRIBS System) was introduced. In the Spring of 1999 this system was replaced by the ALEPH 500. Processing monographs was implemented between 1991 and 1998 using BIBOS, ALEPH 500 was implemented in January 1999. The Aleph supported management of periodicals began in 2000; the interlibrary loan system followed as the last component.