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Mandatory Registration and Submission of Academic Papers

application/pdfUniversitätsgesetz 2002, Paragraph 86 (54KB, Mandatory Submission of Theses and Dissertations, German only)

Universities Act 2002, Para. 86

§ 86. (1) Graduates shall publish accepted diploma, masters, doctoral theses, artistic diploma
or masters submissions, or documentation in support of artistic diploma or master’s
submissions by lodging them with the library of the university where the degree is awarded.
Before the award of the degree they shall lodge one complete copy of their accepted diploma,
master's or doctoral thesis, or master's thesis or written artistic diploma or master’s
submission component with the library. Academic theses or parts thereof which are not capable
of reproduction are exempted from the duty of publication. Accepted doctoral theses
shall also be published by lodging a copy with the Austrian National Library.
(2) On lodging a scientific or artistic dissertation, thesis or submission with a library, the
author shall be entitled to apply for access to the copies deposited therewith to be withheld
for a maximum of five years from the time of delivery. The officer responsible for study matters
shall allow such applications, if the student establishes that his/her legal or business
interests would be materially endangered by permitting access.