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Frequently Asked Questions : Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know..

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  1. Can I access library databanks, eBooks and eJournals from home?
  2. I have an acquisition request.
  3. How do I obtain a library card?
  4. What is the university library’s main resource focus?
  5. I would like to contact library management.
  6. What do late fees consist of?
  7. How can I extend my loan period?
  8. Can I access CD ROM datenbanks from my desk?
  9. Which libraries in particular require the submission of a copy of my thesis / dissertation?
  10. In my hometown of Bad Ischl I have written and self-published a book. I understand that I must submit a mandatory copy to certain libraries; can you please tell me which libraries and how many copies?
  11. I would be interested in a career as a librarian.