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InterLibrary Loan & Document Delivery

NOTE: Christmas 2017/18

Due to an upcoming system change, the interlibrary loan service will be unavailable beginning December 14, 2017.

Please order books and articles in Austria by no later than December 1; order books and articles from outside of Austria by no later than November 24.

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What is an "InterLibrary Loan"?


Books, academic journals and magazine articles not available in Linz can be ordered online via InterLibrary Loan services from other libraries within Austria and abroad.

Note: In some cases, an order can be placed with the Upper Austrian State Library and/or the Linz State Museum. In particularly urgent cases, you can submit a request to the interloan library staff - via the order options for works available at the JKU - as long as the loan period exceeds 8 weeks.
Note BRD: Periodicals in German online catalogues that are only available electronically are exempt from the InterLibrary Loan services.

Before You Order:

  1. Please check the LISSS thoroughly to make sure the book you are looking for really is not available at JKU.
  2. Please check whether or not the periodical you are looking for is in Linz or not: search the Austrian Union Catalogue (Österreichischer Verbundkatalog) under Partial Catalogue Periodicals and Series in the Austrian libraries by title.
  3. The main campus library in Linz has a broad range of electronic periodicals at its disposal. If you wish to order articles from a certain periodical via InterLibrary loan services, please ensure beforehand via the Electronic Periodical Library - EZB whether or not the article you are searching for is not already available in full text!

Ordering Procedures:

Indicate complete bibliographical quotes only! Please read the ordering conditions to learn more about the associated costs and fees. After authentication, complete one of the following order forms. Your order will them be promptly processed.

LISSS  (Neues Fenster) Click "Fernleihe" (interlibrary loan) in the top, select "Buch" or "Artikel" and then log in.

(IMPORTANT: InterLibrary Loan services can only be accessed online using Firefox, version 1.0.6 or higher, Microsoft IE, version 6.0 or higher, Netscape, version 8 or higher!)