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Accessment Procedures

Guidelines to Access Archive Material
(excerpt from the Terms of Use of Dec. 9, 2004)

1. Access to approved archive materials is open to all in an official, academic and/or professional purposes as well as legitimate personal capacity. If university archive management determines an individual does not appear to have honorable intentions or doubts the individual’s professional qualifications, archive management reserves the right to refuse access to materials. In this case, the individual can submit a grievance to the university rector.

2. Each calendar year, as well as for each research project, the user must fill out a user form and sign a legally binding “Terms of Use and Consent Form”. If the user is accessing archive materials for the first time, he/she must provide photo identification. By request, a copy of the Terms of Use and/or the “Rules of Use and Consent Form” can be provided.

3. Materials must remain in the archives research area in rooms designated for archive users.

4. The availability of prepared archive materials will follow one day after the request is submitted.

5. Users are asked to inform Archive management when projects have been completed, or if the user will be taking a work respite of 4 weeks or longer.

6. Archive materials are subject to a general stipulation of a 30-year period of inaccessibility. Archive materials related to persons (§ 5 Par. 3 of the Federal Law of Archives 1999) will be made accessible after a period of 50 years. Exceptions can be made in cases when the person concerned expressly allows access to the material, provided there are no data privacy objections. Retention periods do not apply for archive material intended for publication or material that has already been published.

7. In compliance with the Federal Law of Archives, an exception can be made in certain cases to reduce the period of inaccessibility. Archive users must submit an application of request to archive management. The Rector will issue a permit provided there are no other conflicting legal stipulations.

8. Use of the university archives will be restricted - or even declined - if
     a. there is reason to believe that the material could be endangered,
     b. user requests generate excessive administrative costs and effort,
     c. the archive tasks are made difficult by unwarranted measures,
     d. there is legal conflict with a document owner’s agreement, testamentary availability or copyright laws,
     e. it has been determined that the user has an ulterior or concealed motive, especially regarding inspection of printed works or reproductions or
     f. the archival material is being used by someone else and is not available.

9. All papers, publications, etc. that reference and/or use archive materials for which special approval was required must be reviewed by archive management prior to publication.

10. Archive users must comply with the currently valid versions of all legal stipulations, including copyright laws in particular (regarding the use of plans, drafts, photographs, letters and images) and data privacy laws.

11. Photocopying (copies, personal photographs and such) requires express permission by archive management and may only be done on premises. The transmission of these copies to a third party also requires written permission by archive management. The Rector’s consent is required for the transmission of copies from the archive that have reduced retention period.

12. If photographs of archive materials are produced, the photo negative or slide must remain at the archives. Only prints or enlargements will be available for archive users. In regards to digital photographs, a copy of the picture data will be provided to the user.

13. All users are required to cite and reference any material used and provide full and detailed information.

14. The University Archives are not responsible for the content and form of materials and publications stored at the archives.

15. All archive users must agree to submit a complimentary copy of published research results be it in book form, publications, periodicals or newspapers to the University Archives. This includes all unpublished theses and dissertations as well as the publication of copies in all forms.

16. To prevent damage, archive materials and books must be handled with care. Archive users are asked to pay particular attention to the location of materials as not to alter the organizational sequence and arrangement or mix up materials. In cases of damage or loss, users will be subject to paying the full amount of replacement costs in compliance with legal stipulations.

17. All users are expected to follow the rules of conduct and safety (Terms of Use §5 para. 1-8) when in the University Archives.

18. Violating the Terms of Use can result in restricted access or even revoking archive use. In recurring cases or in cases of severe misconduct, archive management reserves the right to completely refuse archive materials and services and/or completely deny access to the archives.

19. The University Archives is obliged to respond to written requests and inquiries pertaining to information regarding certain materials. In addition, responses are centered around the interest of the inquiry as well as the additional official demand. If university management deems a request as too excessive or demanding – or if the inquiry refers to already published facts - they are not obligated to provide information.

20. A flat fee of € 20 will be charged for archive services or a replacement fee for copies, phone calls, etc. (see list of charges below). If users require multiple visits to the archives, users will be charged a fee of € 35 per quarter. Affiliated university personnel within the EU are exempt from the flat fee rate providing that access to the archives is required for academic and official purposes.

21. To dispute decisions made by archive management, a grievance must be submitted to the university rector. Grievances (in written form) must be submitted to archive management within 14 days. The archive management then has 14 days to either reverse the prior decision or forward the grievance to the university rector.

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