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The University Archives collects historically relevant JKU materials, documents events on campus, and provides archival material for administrative and research purposes.

The university archives protect and preserve significant historical material pertaining to the Johannes Kepler University and continue to store and maintain an increasing collection of university-specific historical information.

Administrative documents (including photos, plans and sketches, brochures and printed materials, CDs, etc.), research results, and education materials from all university departments and institutes are stored at the archives. The archives also store the appointments and resignations of professors and other university staff as well as files from organizations that cooperate with JKU. The archives are also home to an extensive collection of photos, film material, videos, pamphlets, brochures, posters and all other documentation related to JKU.

The University Archives continually expand the archives section and the collection of intellectual property. University administration, academic and scientific research staff may access this information. Archive users are given instructions of use and information on the archives.