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How To Find What You Are Looking For at the Main Campus Library

Books Located on Open Shelves

Most books listed in the catalogs are stacked on open shelves.
The exact location of book groups can be determined by checking the number on the DK list = list of our classification scheme (decimal numbers)
DK = Decimal Classification example: 32 ... political science ... 2nd floor
For assistance and additional details, please refer to the small, light-green pamphlet located at the information desk!
You can now proceed directly to the book area and search for the particular book on the shelves!
If there is no DK number in catalogs, please fill out an order form at the circulation department indicating the book’s call number. These books will have to be retrieved from an archive that is not publicly accessible.
Books labeled “Nicht entlehnbar” may not be checked out.

Books From the Text Book Collection

The text book collection is located on the ground floor of the main campus library (map)

Books Located in the Archives

= Books without a decimal classification number are located in a library archive which is not publicly accessible. We ask you to proceed to the Circulation Desk and submit a request form!
You will recognize these books in the catalog as they contain a one-line signature and/or are a missing DK number.
If you see the notation Magazin in LISSS: submit a request form or order the book online.