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Last update: October 2017

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Institute Library for Economics


Main Campus Library, 1st floor (map)


The old monograph-inventory (From about: 17/M-22), annual publications and statistics
(Numbered inventory such as 1.133,1971), from the new monograph-inventory(From about: VWL 17) as well as periodical volumes in alphabetical order are located on the 1st floor of the main campus library in the open stacks.


+43 732 2468 4865 oder 4861


Evelyn Pold-Neissl, evelyn.pold-neissl(/\t)
Viktoria Reindl, viktoria.reindl(/\t)

Borrowing Policy:

JKU-Students, JKU-Staff and „General Users“ (non-university affiliated persons) may check out books.
Books may be checked out at the Circular Desk.
(reserve books in Aleph)

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new acquisitions from 2016 on


current titles

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For additional information please see the institute homepage.

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The OPEN ACCESS AREA is open during the regular library hours