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Federal Chamber of Labour Upper Austria

Federal Chamber of Labour Upper Austria

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AK OÖ: The Library Within a Library


The Upper Austrian Chamber for Workers and Employees has donated its inventory to the Social Sciences Studies Library at the Johannes Kepler University and consigned its books to the University Library in 1997. These books are now available at the Main Campus Library.

In addition, the AK OÖ donates an annual sum of EUR 18.168,- for the acquisition of new books in order to continually support and update the collection.



The subject library contains approximately 65000 volumes in the area of Social and Economics Sciences, Law, History and philosophy as well as an international special interest collection in the area of unions and labor movements. The special interest collection at the main library and the Chamber of Labor correspond respectively.


Literature can be found and retrieved in an author and subject catalog separated in time periods from the acquisition between 1946 to 1981 (two handwritten card catalogs) and from 1981 to 1996 in six additional more recent catalog files. New acquisitions from 1988+ can be found in the LISSS.

Ordering Books and Borrowing Policies:

Books call numbers can be found in the catalogs or by completing forms at the Circular Desk. When the book is available, you may pick it up at the Circular Desk. To borrow books from the AK inventory at the main campus library, the book call numbers will be registered into the computer system to enable automatic check-out.

AK books are freely accessible to AK members and students as well as general library users. The same borrowing policy applies.

The following are reference items only and cannot be checked out: periodicals and newspapers, loose-leaf collection, legal texts, encyclopedias and dictionaries.