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Group Use

NEW! Use Citavi in Groups - Update on Citavi 3.1:
Information on Citavi for groups use is available in German and English).
You can now work together on Citavi projects in groups. You will need the following three things:
1. The most recent version of Citavi 3.1: If you are using an older version, you can automatically update the version you have. Open Citavi Project and an update button will appear. Click on "Es ist ein Update verfügbar" and following the instructions. You can also directly download and install the most recent version of Citavi.
2. A license key for Citavi Team: If you do not yet have a group license key (starts with 3X-), request one anew.
3. A joint drive to be able to save your team projects.
Information on all changes in the new version are available in German and English.