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ResearcherID (Thomson Reuters, Web of Knowledge) is a global, multi-disciplinary, scholarly community providing a unique identifier assigned designed to solve author identity issues and is a platform for research collaboration. A ResearcherID badge helps eliminate author misidentification and view an author's citation metrics instantly.

Increase International Visibility and Recognition
This service assigns unique identifiers to registered participants and helps to solve the common problem of author misidentification. Link people directly to your profile and full publication list.

A ResearcherID number is a unique identifier that consists of alphanumeric characters:
[Capital letter]-[4 numbers]-[year of registration]. Example: A-1234-2012

How Do You Benefit from ResearcherID?

* Free Registration and Use
* Find out just who is active in your field of research
* Create a public profile page and list of publications


DI Günther Androsch, Ph.: +43 732 2468 4880, guenther.androsch(/\t)
Mag. Michael Kranewitter, Ph.: +43 732 2468 4883, michael.kranewitter(/\t)

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