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Mag. Michael Kranewitter
Ph.: +43 732 2468 4883


Austria's Infrastructures

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Project for the coordinated development and advancement of Austria-wide infrastructures in support of digital resources in research and teaching. ...  more of Austria's Infrastructures (Titel)

Open Access Network Austria

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The OANA connects research institutions, funding agencies, and science policy partners in Austria. ...  more of Open Access Network Austria (Titel)

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What is OA?

Open Access is Unrestricted Online Access to Academic Publications.

In compliance with copyright laws, academic literature is available permanently online and free of charge. Readers will not encounter any financial, legal, or technical barriers to access academic articles online; all that is required is internet access. Authors retain the rights to their academic and scientific work and the public can read/cite the publications. Open access publications have higher visibility than conventional publications and can be cited more easily. Many academic and scientific organizations as well as the European Commission support Open Access publications.