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Databases are available to you via the Database Information System DBIS: In additional to free internet databases (green), there are databases that the library has licensed for use (yellow = campus and external access; yellow-red = campus access with restrictions, i.e. databases on CD ROM) which cover the most important programs of academic study at JKU.
For databases that do not result in full text hits, direct links to the union catalog and EZB system are provided. The LinkSolver allows us to provide you with the best possible full text linkage.

The EZB System provides access to eJournals and indicated by color code; please read instructions under “i”! Our inventory of eBooks are also available via remote access and we are working on expanding the resources available.

We work hard to secure trial access by various providers to learn more about their resources. Trial access links can only be accessed on campus. You will also find our Virtual Reading Corner, a collection of links to online newspapers and periodicals, and our web tips.

In most cases, external access is available to JKU students and employees after completing the authorization process by clicking the corresponding database or journal. You can also access these resources at our PCs located in the main campus library.

By accessing our resources, you agree to automatically accept our User Terms.