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Curriculum & Learning Concept of Degree Programs at the FernUniversität in Hagen

Whereas on-site studies are principally characterized by face-to-face lectures, distance teaching focuses on course materials designed to support didactic learning and from virtual instruction supported by virtual learning platforms. The following components are essential:

Time to Learn
  • Course Materials
  • Virtual Studies Area
  • Learning Platform Moodle
  • On-Site and Online Classes
  • Supplementary Courses in Austria
  • Progress Monitoring & Examinations
  • Verification

See the FernUniversität in Hagen homepage for additional information on the academic calendar. Here you can also find an introductory information video on distance learning.

Course Materials

The FernUniversität offers majors and courses found also at on-site universities. The difference is that there are no classes and lectures in a conventional sense, but rather the option to study comfortably from home and at your own pace.

The course material consists of so-called course books and, if applicable, supplementary multimedia materials (CD roms, DVDs, etc.). In addition to course books, there are readers, assignments, self tests, references, etc. - in print or available online. Blind and visually impaired students will receive specially prepared materials. Course materials will be sent to your home for students to study independently but with access to virtual online support.

To get an idea of what course material contains, the FernUniversität has compiled the following sample course materials.

Virtual Study Area

In addition, the FernUniversität in Hagen provides access to a Virtual Study Area. After logging in, you can:

  • Access your classes and online assignments
  • Check course availability
  • Access confirmation for the next semester
  • Register for special events
  • Book and access software licenses (for classes)
  • Change your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail, etc.)
  • Create, download and print various certificates
  • Change your password
  • Change your allocation to a Study Center
  • Access contact lists

Learning Platform / Learning Environment Moodle

Many courses also provide additional learning support on Moodle which allows students to:

  • Access available course materials
  • Communicate and collaborate with fellow classmates and instructors, independent of time and location restraints
  • Create study groups
  • Seek interactive collaboration, with Wikis for example
  • Control progress through tests or assignments
  • Coordinate evaluations

On-Site and Online Classes

The FernUniversität in Hagen offers on-site and online seminars for various modules held primarily by regional and study centers in Germany - sometimes in Austria - by professors at the FernUniversität. You can decide when and which seminars you would like to take. Some majors require students take one to three seminars during the entire program.

Supplementary Courses in Austria

In addition to support services, the Distance Learning Centers in Austria also offers courses (attendance is optional). This includes:

  • Seminars offered at distance learning Study Centers designed to help you prepare for an academic degree program
  • Courses in support of current modules or classes, which also serve to support examination preparation
  • Orientation sessions in your major via video streaming
  • Other courses

Progress Monitoring & Examinations

Progress monitoring takes place during the semester by assessing submitted assignments or self-testing assignments completed at home. In addition - depending on your major - an additional practical training course may be required.

Each module concludes with an examination. The type of examination can vary and could be a written, oral examination via video conferencing, or be given as a take-home test.


Please note that the above mentioned deadlines for enrollment also apply to verification.

Summer Semester

December 1 to January 1

Winter Semester 2015/2016

June 1 to July 13