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    Am 15.01.2016 von 08:30 bis 11:45 Uhr ist Prüfungstermin für "Algebra für InformatikerInnen" (SS15), "Einführung in die Algebra" (SS15) und "Kommutative Algebra" (SS15). Prüfungsanmeldung über Kusss erforderlich!


Science Park II, 3rd floor

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Erhard Aichinger

 Erhard Aichinger

Erhard Aichinger (Back to Team Overview)
Assoz. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

S2 0370
Phone: +43 732 2468 6856
office hours: Monday: 10:30-11:30

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  • Habilitation as “Universitätsdozent” (Univ.-Doz.) for the subject “Mathematics” on April 26th, 2004.
  • Doctoral Degree (Dr.) from Johannes Kepler University Linz with Thesis “The Structure of Composition Algebras” supervised by Prof. Günter Pilz (Linz) and Prof. Kalle Kaarli (University of Tartu, Estonia) on September 30th, 1998.
  • Diploma Degree (Dipl.-Ing.) from Johannes Kepler University Linz with Thesis “Interpolation with Near-rings of Polynomial Functions” supervised by Prof. Günter Pilz (Linz) on May, 5th, 1994.
  • Erasmus Scholarship at the “Università Degli Studi” in Florence, Italy from October 1992 until July 1993.
  • Final exam (Reifeprüfung) at “Akademisches Gymnasium Linz” (Subjects: English, French, German, Mathematics, Musical Education) on June 13th, 1988.


  • 10/2013-09/2015: Interim Head of the Department of Algebra at JKU Linz
  • 10/2010–present: Associate Professor at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.
  • 07/1997–05/1998 and 06/1999-09/2010: University Assistant at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria.
  • 06/1998–05/1999: National Service (Zivildienst) at the Police Department Linz, Austria.
  • 10/1997–01/2009 and 03/2015-06/2015: Lecturer at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences at Hagenberg (FH Oberösterreich, Standort Hagenberg).


  • Fluency in German (native), Italian, and English.
  • Basic knowledge of French and Spanish.


  • 4/1996-7/1997: DOC-Scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
  • Sparkassen-Kepler-Preis 2004 for the habilitation thesis Polynomial Functions on Groups and Universal Algebras (November 16, 2004).


  • Author or co-author of ~40 research articles, mainly in universal algebra and near-ring theory. Zentralblatt für Mathematik, MathSciNet, JKU research documentation FODOK.
  • 7 invited plenary talks at international conferences, 13 colloquium talks at other universities, list of EA's talks from the JKU research documentation FODOK.
  • Co-editor of “Mathematica Pannonica” (since January 2015).
  • Co-organizer of the conferences “AAA62-62. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra (2001)”, “20th International Conference on Near-rings and Nearfields (2007)”, “AAA76 – 76. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra (2008)”, "AAA 87- 87. Arbeitstagung Allgemeiner Algebra (2014)" at Linz.
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the conferences “21st International Conference on Near-rings and Near-fields” (Vorau, Austria, 2009), “AAA83 – 83. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra” (Novi Sad, Serbia), “AAA85 – 85. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra” (Luxembourg)", AAA88 (Warsaw), AAA90 (Novi Sad)
  • Member of the Programming Committee of “CAI 2010-Conference on Algebraic Informatics” (Linz, Austria).
  • Coordinator of the conference series “AAA - Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra” since 2013.