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    Am 15.01.2016 von 08:30 bis 11:45 Uhr ist Prüfungstermin für "Algebra für InformatikerInnen" (SS15), "Einführung in die Algebra" (SS15) und "Kommutative Algebra" (SS15). Prüfungsanmeldung über Kusss erforderlich!


Science Park II, 3rd floor

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Peer reviewed publications / already published

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In preparation

13. A. Bulatov, P. Mayr, and A. Szendrei.
Subpower membership problem for algebras with edge term. (40 pages).

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Term equivalence of semigroups. (15 pages).

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The following GAP-programs are for computing in direct powers of (expansions of) groups. For documentations see Zweckinger's Master Thesis and the file manual.