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Thomas Schlumprecht , Texas A&M University
The algebra of bounded linear operators on $\ell_p\oplus\ell_q$ and $\ell_p\oplus c_0$, $1\le p
02.03.2017, 15:00, S2 219

Karen Keryan, Yerevan State University
Orthonormal spline systems on $\mathbb{R}$ with zero means as basis in the Hardy space on the real time
17.01.2017, 13:45, S2 219

Stefan Steinerberger, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Hilbert/Laplace/Fourier -- inverse bounds for classical integral operators
29.12.2016, 11:00, S3 048
Parabolizing elliptic PDEs: short proofs by counting Brownian motion
29.12.2015, 14:15, S3 048

Jacob Stordal Christiansen, Lund University,
Chebyshev polynomials for subsets of R
22.11.2016, 15:30, S3 058

David Krieg, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
A Universal Algorithm for Multivariate Integration
22.06.2016, 12:15, MT 327

Dimitriy Stolyarov, Steklov Institute St. Petersburg
Bellman function in Harmonic Analysis
09.06.2016, 14:00, BA 9909

Dimitriy Stolyarov, Steklov Institute St. Petersburg
Isomorphic type of Banach spaces and Sobolev-type embedding theorems
08.06.2016, 15:30, S2 059

Krystian Kazaniecki, IMPAN, Warsaw
Fourier multipliers on the homogeneous Sobolev spaces
12.05.2016, 15:00, S3 047

Przemyslaw Ohrysko, IMPAN, Warsaw
On the decomposition of measures on the circle Group
12.05.2016, 13:15, S3 047

Maciej Rzeszut, Polish Academy of Sciences, , Warsaw
Isomorphisms between independent sums of Hardy spaces
06.05.2016, 11:00, S3 058

Mario Hefter, TU Kaiserslautern
Optimal Strong Approximation of the One-dimensional Squared Bessel Process
18.1.2016, 13:45, S3 058

Stefan Steinerberger, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Nonlinear Phase unwinding of functions
29.12.2015, 10:15, S3 048
Analysis meets Number Theory: two Theorems and a mystery
29.12.2015, 14:00, S3 048

Michael Kaltenbäck, TU Wien
Definitizable normal linear operators on Krein spaces
17.12.2015, 13:45, MT 327

Stefan Geiß, University of Jyväskylä
Permutation Invariant Functionals of Lévy Processes and applications
15.12.2015, 15:30, S3 058, S3 058

Jens Oettershagen, Universität Bonn
Optimal integration in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
09.12.2015, 15:30, S3 048

Anton Kolleck, TU Berlin
Non-asymptotic analysis of $\ell_1$-norm Support Vector Machines
17.11.2015, 15:30, S3 058

Krystian Kazaniecki, University of Warsaw
New proof of the Ornstein non $L^1$ inequality

25.6.2015, 15:30, S2 044

Przemyslaw Ohrysko, University of Warsaw
Spectrally reasonable measures
24.6.2015, 15:30, S2 054

Raphael Pruckner, TU Wien
The order of canonical systems associated with indeterminate moment sequences
17.06.2015, 13:45, S2 044

Michal Wojciechowski, University of Warsaw
On the estimates on coefficients of Fourier Multipliers from the Sobolev spaces to $\ell^p$
3.6.2015, 15:30, S2 054

Sebastian Mayer, Universität Bonn, The effect of sparsity and relaxations thereof in certain function approximation problems, 3.6.2015, 13:45, S2 044

Maciej Rzeszut, University of Warsaw
New Fourier multipliers on the Hardy space on bidisc
2.6.2015, 15:30, S2 054

Daniel Rudolf, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena
Approximation of rank one tensors and dispersion
21.5.2015, 12:00, S2 059

Thomas Schlumprecht , Texas A&M University
Die Algebra der Operatoren auf $\ell_p\oplus\ell_q$ hat unendlich viele abgeschlossene Ideale
20.5.2015, 13:45, S2 044

Monika Ludwig, TU Wien
On the geometric classification of functions
22.04.2015, 13:45, S2 044

Harald Woracek, TU Wien
Perturbation of chains of de Branges space
25.03.2015, S2 044

Vlad Yaskin, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Stability results for sections of convex bodies
23.03.2015, 14:30, S3 047

Alexander Litvak, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Approximating the covariance matrix with heavy tailed columns and RIP
25.02.2015, 11:00, S3 048

David Alonso-Gutierrez, Universitat Jaume I, Castellon
Convolution bodies and volume inequalities
18.02.2015, 13:45, S2 059

Sören Christensen, Universität Hamburg
Representation Results for Excessive Functions and Application to Stochastic Control Problems
28.01.2015, 13:45, S2 059

Iryna Egorova, B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Kharkiv; Universität Wien
Inverse scattering transform for Korteweg-de Vries equation with steplike initial profile
26.11.2014, 13:45, S3 047

Lev Markhasin, Universität Stuttgart
BMO and exponential Orlicz space estimates of the discrepancy function in arbitrary dimension
12. 11. 2014, 13:45, S3 047

Mario Ullrich, Universität Jena
Frolov cubature in Besov spaces with mixed smoothnes
05.11.2014, 13:45, P 004

Carsten Schütt, Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel
On affine invariant points
15.10.2014, 13:45, K 223 B

Elisabeth Werner, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Entropy inequalities for convex bodies and log-concave functions
22. 05. 2014, 15:30, S2 044

Thomas Schlumprecht, Texas A&M University, College Station
"Greedy"Basen in Banachräumen
25. 2. 2014, 11:00, S3 047

Anna Kamont, Polish Akademy of Sciences, Gdansk
The General Franklin System, an overview I, II, III, IV
6., 13., 20. und 27. 11. 2013, S2 044

Sebastien Guex, University of Alberta
Ergodic theorems for certain Banach algebras associated to locally compact groups31.1.2013

David Alonso-Gutiérrez, University of Murcia
The variance conjecture on some polytopes

Harald Woracek, TU Wien
Spectral multiplicity of selfadjoint Schrödinger operators on star-graphs with standard interface condition
20. 11. 2012, 15:30, S3 056