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Academic Ranking of World Universities 2016
According to the current "Shanghai Ranking - Chemical Engineering" the JKU department of Chemistry belongs to the top 150 worldwide and therefore is also leading throughout Austria in Technical Chemistry!
In the topic of "Material Sciences" the JKU also had a very good result (comp. "Top Universities in Austria").

Optogenetics pioneer visits JKU
The lecture "Optogenetics: Lighting Up the Brain“ provides an overview on the young history of optogenetics and an outlook on further developments as well as the newest research results from Miesenböck's work in Oxford.

GÖCH-lecture 07.06.2016

Würdigungspreis 2015 for Maria Österbauer
Recieved for her Master's Thesis about the analysis of Tyrosin Kinase in bacterially infected cells. Now works in our group on her dissertation project about the development of novel photochemical systems to control biological processes within the cell.

Künstliche Photosynthese gelungen!
Photosynthese ist der wichtigste chemische Prozess auf der Erde – sie ermöglicht es, die Energie
der Sonne direkt zu speichern. Bisher waren nur Pflanzen und einige andere Organismen dazu in der Lage – und
seit Neuestem ForscherInnen der Johannes Kepler Universität (JKU) Linz. Einem Forscherteam um Prof. Günther
Knör (Vorstand des Instituts für Anorganische Chemie) gelang weltweit erstmals ein wesentlicher Schritt auf dem
Weg zur Treibstoffgewinnung und CO2-Fixierung durch artifizielle Photosynthese.

Chemistry at JKU is number one in Austria (2011 ranking)

Perspectives in Artificial Photosynthesis

JKU researchers discuss about the future of solar fuels
Listen to radio interview (Ö1 Dimensionen)

Joint Research Efforts to establish Chemical Photocatalysis
New Graduate College PhD Program sarted in 2010

(Kick-off Meeting)

Metalloporphyrins in Cancer Research
Novel photosensitizers for therapeutic applications developed at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of JKU

News report (Standard)

Workshop "Anorganische Chemie in Österreich" (6. WACÖ)
Inorganic chemists have met 2010 here in Linz at JKU

(Conference Report)

Bioinorganic Methane and Hydrogen Formation

Pioneering Expert from Max-Planck-Institute gave a Lecture at the JKU Science Park

(Biological Conversion of Fuel Molecules)

EU-Project on Chemical Carbon Dioxide and Methane Activation
Attractive Funding for Curiosity-driven Basic Research in Photocatalysis goes to CNPS

(Era-Chemistry Program)

Artificial Enzyme Catalysis Driven by Light
Photochemical Tools for Green Chemistry and Solar Fuels: One of the most accessed articles 2009 in "Chemistry"

News report

Catalysis and Chemical Carbon Dioxide Recycling
The President of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society gave Lectures at JKU

News report (

MIT Professor of Energy invited to Linz

One of the World´s Leading Researchers on Renewable Fuel Production gave Public Lectures at JKU

(watch a TV report (ORF2 or LT1))