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Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells

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[2017/Nov/28] Dr. Irene Frischauf and Dr. Rainer Schindl made the cover of Science Signaling with their publication: Calcium regulates many vitally important functions in the body - if the calcium balance is defective, diseases like cancer develop... ...  more of Biophysics Researchers: Constant Calcium Uptake Causes Cancer in Cells (Titel)

Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie

[2016/Nov/06] Publication in Angewandte Chemie: "Detailed Evidence for an Unparalleled Interaction Mode between Calmodulin and Orai Proteins" ...  more of Noteworthy Publication in Angewandte Chemie (Titel)

Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research

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[February 2017] Photo credited to OÖ Nachrichten ...  more of Victoria Lunz - Genuinely Passionate about Research (Titel)

Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains

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[2016/11/16] In cooperation with Prof. Peter Pohl (Institute of Biophysics, JKU), lead CBL researchers DI Andreas Karner and Dr. Johannes Preiner have developed a platform to study membrane proteins. ...  more of Tuning membrane protein mobility by confinement into nanodomains (Titel)

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Routes of Epithelial Water Flow: Aquaporins versus Cotransporters
Rustem Mollajew, F. Zocher, A. Horner, B. Wiesner, E. Klussmann, P. Pohl 2010.
Biophysical Journal, in press December 2010
Volume 99, Issue 11, 1 December 2010, Pages 3647-3656

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Manuel Hofer, S. Adamsmaier, T. S. van Zanten, L. Chtcheglova, C. Manzo, M. Duman, B. Mayer, A. Ebner, M. Moertelmaier, G. Kada, M. F. Garcia-Parajo, P. Hinterdorfer, F. Kienberger. 2010.
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Improved localization of cellular membrane receptors using combined fluorescence microscopy and simultaneous topography and recognition imaging.
Memed Duman, M. Pfleger, R. Zhu, C. Rankl, L.A. Chtcheglova, I. Neundlinger, B.L. Bozna, B. Mayer, M. Salio, D. Shepherd, P. Polzella, M. Moertelmaier, G. Kada, A. Ebner, M. Dieudonne, G.J. Schütz, V. Cerundolo, F. Kienberger, P. Hinterdorfer. 2010.
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 115504 (7pp)
[Full Text PDF]

TCR-peptide-MHC interactions in situ show accelerated kinetics and increased affinity.
Johannes B. Huppa, M. Axmann, M. A. Mörtelmaier, B. F. Lillemeier, E. W. Newell, M. Brameshuber, L. O. Klein, G. J. Schütz, M. M. Davis
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In-vivo detection of protein-protein interactions on micro-patterned surfaces
Julian Weghuber, S. Sunzenauer, M. Brameshuber, B. Plochberger, C. Hesch, G. J. Schütz
JoVE. 37., doi: 10.3791/1969
[Full Text PDF]

Microarray analysis at single molecule resolution
Leila Muresan, J. Jacak, E. P. Klement, J. Hesse, G. J. Schütz
IEEE Trans Nanobioscience. 2010 Mar;9(1):51-8. Epub 2010 Jan 29

Direct observation and quantitative analysis of Lck exchange between plasma membrane and cytosol in living T cells
Lars Zimmermann, W. Paster, J. Weghuber, P. Eckerstorfer, H. Stockinger, G. J. Schütz
J. Biol. Chem. February 26, 2010 Vol. 285, No. 9 pp.6063-6070
[Full Text PDF]

Two-color Single Molecule Tracking Combined with Photobleaching for the Detection of Rare Molecular Interactions in Fluid Biomembranes
V. Ruprecht, M. Brameshuber, G. J. Schütz
Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 568–581

Atomic force microscopy studies of human rhinovirus: topology and molecular forces
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Nanomechanical recognition measurements of individual DNA molecules reveal epigenetic methylation patterns
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Nat. Nanotech. 5:788-791.

Mapping short affinity tags on bacterial S-layer with antibody
Tang J, Ebner A, Kraxberger B, Badelt-Lichtblau H, Gruber HJ, Sleytr UB, Ilk N, Hinterdorfer P 2010.
ChemPhysChem 11:2323-2326.

Cell-cell contact formation governs Ca2+ signaling by TRPC4 in the vascular endothelium: evidence for a regulatory TRPC4-beta-catenin interaction
Graziani, A., M. Poteser, W. M. Heupel, H. Schleifer, M. Krenn, D. Drenckhahn, C. Romanin, W. Baumgartner, and K. Groschner. 2010.
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Resting state Orai1 diffuses as homotetramer in the plasma membrane of live mammalian cells.
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Lpe10p modulates the activity of the Mrs2p-based yeast mitochondrial Mg2+ channel.
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Experimental Dermatology 19:1014–1019.

Fishing on Living Cells with AFM: Novel Method to Study Topology and Dynamics of Cotransporter SGLT1 Protein.
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Chemical tags mediate the orthogonal self-assembly of DNA duplexes into supramolecular structures.
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Small 6:1732-1735.

Force-induced lysozyme--HyHEL5 antibody dissociation and its analysis by means of a cooperative binding model.
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Calibrated nanoscale capacitance measurements using a scanning microwave microscope.
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Segmental innervation in lumbosacral transitional vertebrae (LSTV): a comparative clinical and intraoperative EMG study.
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Temporal resolution of protein-protein interactions in the live-cell plasma membrane.
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The antimicrobial and immunostimulatory peptide KLK induces an increase of the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration by mobilizing Ca2+ from intracellular stores.
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Imaging of mobile long-lived nanoplatforms in the live cell plasma membrane
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