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  • Bachelor- und Masterarbeitsseminar
    257.051 Seminar for Graduate Students
    257.055 Special Topics in Business Informatics - Theory and Practice
    Thursday, 11.01.2018, 9.00-12.00 am, S3 078 and
    Thursday, 01.02.2018, 9.00-11.00 am, S3 0134
  • Research talk
    Next appointment: 25.01.2018, 9.00 - 11.00 am, S3 102

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[research prototype] Aeolion - Articulation Engineered for Organizational Learning in Interoperable, Open Networks

Today, organisations act within volatile and rapidly changing business environments. In such environments, the ability to learn and adapt is vital for organisations at any time for any reason. In this context learning processes are situational and multifaceted on an individual as well as organisational level.

The major objective within the Aeolion project is to support situational, multifaceted learning processes in organisations. For this purpose, different methods and tools supporting learning are developed and explored in diverse learning situations.


Project Officer:
o.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christian Stary

Dominik Wachholder, MSc pMBA
Florian Krenn, MSc
Mag. Dr. Matthias Neubauer, pMBA
DI Dr. Stefan Oppl, MBA
Ing. Mag. Harald Lerchner, pMBA

System-of-systems support ? A bigraph approach to interoperability and emergent behavior (2015)
Facilitating shared understanding of work situations using a tangible tabletop interface (2014)
Implementing Organisational Interoperability - The SUddEN Approach (2010)
Traceable Pedagogical Design Rationales for Personalized Learning Technologies ? An Interoperable System-to-System Approach (2015)
An e-learning approach to informed problem solving (2012)
The Me and Knowledge Communities: Role Management by Design and Reflection (2012)
Evidence-Based Interactive Management of Change (2011)
Growing through Learning ? Essential Technology Enablers (2011)
Perspective Giving ? Perspective Taking: Evidence-Based Learning in Organisations (2011)
Dynamic Socio-technical System Design based on Stakeholder Interaction (2015)
Stakeholder-centered Ontologies for Educational Designs (2015)
Non-disruptive Knowledge & Business Processing in Knowledge Life Cycles ? Aligning Value Network Analysis to Process Management (2014)
Creating Meaningful Representations (2013)
A Domain Specific Language for Organisational Interoperability (2015)
Context Control of Interoperable Interactive Systems (2015)
Enabling Emergent Behavior in Systems-of-Systems Through Bigraph-based Modeling (2015)
Towards Digital Craftsmanship (2015)
Towards a Stakeholder-Centric Design Language for Open Systems ? Learning from Organizational Learning (2015)
Bigraph-Ensured Interoperability for System(-of-Systems) Emergence (2014)
Context-sensitive Modeling of Input Source Configuration for Evolving Intelligent Systems (2014)
Delineating Worker-Centered Organizational Work: Blending BPMS and Social Software Features (2014)
Agility Based on Stakeholder Interaction?Blending Organizational Learning with Interactive BPM (2013)
Blending BPMS with Social Software for Knowledge-Intense Work: Research Issues (2013)
Semantic work process analysis: a reflexive stakeholder articulation approach (2013)
Effects of a Tabletop Interface on the Co-Construction of Concept Maps. (2011)

Fields of Research:
Adaptive Systems
Organizational Learning