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[research prototype] Knowit!

Our approach to successful reactive companies is that business processes can be modeled and dynamically adopted based on (new) requirements. Thus, necessary changes can be assessed in advance and possible solutions can be evaluated - organizational learning takes place 'online'. Through visualization and prototypical implementation of business process models, organizational improvements are immediately visible for employees.


Project Officer:
DI Dr. Simone Heftberger

Handling User Diversity in Task-Oriented Design
Model-based Tools for Design and Engineering
Organizational Learning Online
Partizipatives Organisationales Lernen. Ein prozessbasierter Einsatz
Role-Adapted Access to Medical Data: Experiences with Model-based Development
The Barmherzige Schwestern Reference Scenario
Tool Support for Task Modelling - A Constructive Exploration
UML-Support for Model- and Task-Based Development of Interactive Systems
User Experience and Model-based Development of Interactive Artifacts
Workflow Specifications and Design Patterns

Field of Research:
Organizational Learning