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Examining S-BPM (Subject-oriented BPM) against ACM (Adaptive Case Management)

Beginn: 27.10.2014

Adaptive Case Management is an approach for managing and executing dynamic processes whose steps cannot be specified in advance. How they will evolve is rather determined through run time decisions taken in ad hoc manner by knowledgeable workers. S-BPM is an approach for modeling and executing business processes by identifying a number of subjects that interact with each other towards the achievement of a common goal.

The objective of this thesis is the comparison between these two approaches towards identifying whether S-BPM in its current form or an adjusted version of it could serve ACM. In specific:

  1. The two approaches should be compared at a model as well as at metamodel level.
  2. Respective tools should be used for gaining insight into the logic of each approach through appropriate case studies.
  3. Conclusions should be drawn regarding whether S-BPM can serve ACM.
  4. Suggestions should be made on what is required so that S-BPM can support ACM.

Bearbeiter/In: Dr. Nancy Alexopoulou

Bearbeiter/In: Dr. Nancy Alexopoulou