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Augmented Realtiy

Lecturer: Vincent Lepetit


This class will first introduce the concept and problematic of Augmented Reality. We will then present the theoretical tools and technical bricks used in Augmented Reality. We will also study past and current 3D registration systems, as well as realistic rendering methods.


•lesson 1 (Oct 9): Introduction, The Basics I (camera models)
•lesson 2 (Oct 16): The Basics II (camera registration algorithms);
•lesson 3 (Oct 23): The Basics III (numerical optimization);
•lesson 4 (Oct 30): The Basics IV (marker-based tracking; edge-based tracking);
•lesson 5 (Nov 6): The Basics V (template-based tracking);
•lesson 6 (Nov 13): The Basics VI (feature point-based tracking);
•lesson 7 (Nov 20): The Basics VII (feature point-based detection);
•lesson 8 (Dec 4): Realistic rendering;
•lesson 9 (Dec 11): Case study I (RGB-D cameras, Kinect-Fusion);
•lesson 10 (Dec 18): Case study II (EKF tracking, PTAM);
•lesson 11 (Jan 15): Case study III (DTAM, LSD);
•lesson 12 (Jan 22): Presentation of Lab exercices by the students.
•(Jan 29): exam

Note that there won’t be a lecture on Nov 27, and the class will start on Oct 9

Selected Readings

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