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Location - Computer Science Building (S3)

Location of the Institute for Computer Graphics: Computer Science Building (Science Park 3)

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The Institute of Computer Graphics carries out research in a modern field that has been coined "visual computing". Our core disciplines cover the imaging, processing, visualization and displaying of visual data. These are enabled by new fields and technologies, such as light fields, projector-camera systems, responsive optics, mobile computing, and visual analytics.

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Light Fields

Panorama Light-Field Imaging

We present a novel approach to recording and computing panorama light fields. In contrast to previous methods that estimate panorama light fields from focal stacks or naive multi-perspective image stitching, our approach is the first that processes ray entries directly and does not require depth reconstruction or matching of image features. Arbitrarily complex scenes can therefore be captured while preserving correct occlusion boundaries, anisotropic reflections, refractions, and other light effects that go beyond diffuse reflections of Lambertian surfaces.

Birklbauer, C. and Bimber, O., Panorama Light-Field Imaging, In proceedings of Eurographics (Computer Graphics Forum), 33(2), 43-52, 2014

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