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Conferees at JKU Campus

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Invited Speakers and Lecturers

Invited Speakers:

  • Joseph Barker – Tohoku University, Japan
  • Davide Bossini – Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
  • Scott Crooker – National High Magnetic Fields Laboratory, Los Alamos, USA
  • Shunsuke Fukami – Tohoku University, Japan
  • Aitor Mugarza – Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Kaushik Roy – Purdue University, USA
  • Paolo Sessi – University of Würzburg, Germany
  • Brian Zhou – University of Chicago, USA
  • Libor Smejkal – University of Mainz, Germany
  • Seigo Tarucha – Tokyo University, Japan
  • Kang.L. Wang - University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Invited Lecturers:

  • Axel Hoffmann - Argonne National Laboratories, USA
  • Teruo Ono - Kyoto University, Japan