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Information on the Science Park

Science Park - Building 1

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Office of Operation Management - Core Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the overall areas of Central Services
  • Representing the administrative areas at university management meetings and in the University Senate
  • Exercising administrative and technical supervision
  • Coordinating and executing cross-functional projects
  • Interfacing co-ordination and communication
  • Strategic planning and the continual development of the university's administrative structure
  • Coordinating the JKU's apprenticeship program
  • Implementing the university management's target goals
  • Club JKU Campus 4.0 Association for the Promotion of Campus Culture
  • Association for the management of the JKU Mensa

Related Areas/Departments Include:

  • Department of Employee Protection and Safety
  • Library and Archives
  • Building and Facility Management
  • Quality Management and Reporting
  • University Sports Institute
  • Event Management
  • Purchasing Department (Purchasing & Services)
  • University Council Office

We aim to complete all tasks, requests and inquiries with service and solution-oriented thinking in order to competently and reliably serve you as customers.