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Tasks and Responsibilities of the University Council in Compliance with § 21 Sec. 1 of the Universities Act

1. approving the development plan, the organisation plan and the draft performance agreement of the university, as well as the rules of procedure of the rectorate;
2. Advertising the open position of Rector no later than eight months before the expected availability of the position and/or within three months beginning at the time of dismissal or resignation;
3. Enacting the regulations for the election of the Rector after obtaining a statement issued by the University Senate, which must submit the statement within four weeks after submission;
4. Selecting the Rector from a shortlist of three candidates nominated by the Senate within four weeks of submission of the proposed candidates;
5. Selection the Vice Rectors based on nominations by the Rector after receiving the opinion from the senate;
6. Concluding the agreement of objectives with the Rector and the Rectorate;
6a. concluding the rector’s service agreement and the target agreement with the same;
7. Dismissing the Rector and the Vice Rectors;
8. nominating one female and one male member of the arbitration board;
9. approving the formation of companies and foundations as well as affiliations with companies;
10. approving the guidelines for financial management, and the financial statements, the
performance report of the Rectorate and the intellectual capital report, and forwarding
the same to the Federal Minister;
11. appointing an auditor to audit the financial statements of the university;
12. approving the assumption of non-current liabilities, and empowering the rectorate to
assume such liabilities up to a certain limit without seeking the prior approval of the
university council;
13. submission of a mandatory annual report as well as mandatory reporting to the Federal Minister in case of serious breaches of the law by university governing bodies or the danger of serious financial loss; the annual report must include a report on regulations by the Working Group of Equal Opportunity in correlation with the gender equal structure of the university governing bodies (in compliance with the application of § 11 Sec. 2 Subpara. 3 of the B-GlBG, No. 100/1993), and, if applicable, grounds for failure to comply with these regulations as well as a report on the measures the university plans to take to implement the conditions;
14. Agreement of the budget proposal within four weeks after submission by the Rectorate; if the University Council refuses to agree to the proposal four weeks after its submission, the Rector must immediately submit a new budget proposal; if the University Council does not approve the budget within the allotted time, the budget proposal will be considered approved.
15. Issuance of a statement regarding the service level agreement before conclusion by the Rector within three weeks.
16. Enacting and upholding the University Council’s Rules of Procedure.