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Kepler Fact Area

Beschreibung: A biographical chronicle of Johannes Kepler's life. Available in German only.

Johannes Kepler
* Weil der Stadt 27.12.1571 ... † Regensburg 15.11.1630

1586-1588 Höhere Klosterschule Maulbronn
1588 Baccalaureats-Prüfung an der Universität Tübingen
1589 Immatrikulation an der Universität Tübingen / Stipendiat des Herzogs im Theologischen Stift
1591 Magister artium / Beginn des Theologiestudiums
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Created in 2012, the Kepler Fact Area serves as a central platform to access documentation and research by Johannes Kepler, particularly the work he completed during the time he spent in Linz (1612-1627/28). The Kepler Fact Area houses the JKU’s collective information, making it available to those interested in learning more about the life and work of the man the university was named after.

The Fact Area serves to:

1. Maintain and preserve Kepler’s literature and materials at the JKU which are available at the main campus library and at the University Archives office.
This includes the collection of facsimiles and general literature on Kepler since the 19th century which has been collected by o.Univ. Prof. em. Dr. Franz Pichler and is now at the University Archives office.

2. Support dialogue between scientists and academics at the JKU who, in the course of their work or out of personal interest, would like to research and learn more about Johannes Kepler and the consequences of his scientific discoveries.
The idea is to encourage and support scientific historical research from an interdisciplinary perspective as well the dialogue on ethics issues and science and researching scientific innovation under non-scientific conditions.

3. Support the JKU’s Public Relations work.
The Kepler Fact Area will supply available Kepler materials and information in regards to his biography and scientific work, particularly in support of exhibitions and presentations about Johannes Kepler.

Working Group Members:

Univ. Prof.Dr. Marcus Gräser
em.Univ. Prof.Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Ernest Kulhavy
Univ. Prof.Dr. Andreas Ney
em.Univ. Prof.Dr. Franz Pichler
Dr. Herbert Edlinger

New Edition 2013:

Volker Bialas
Johannes Kepler
Astronomist and Natural Philosopher

Philosophy is the common property of all mankind - this characterizes world-famous astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) to be science ethos, something markedly distinguishes him from most of his colleagues and contemporaries. Kepler would like to ... More Information