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Honorable Members of the JKU Community

Conferral of JKU Honorary Doctorate to Prof. Alexander Belyaev in November 2012

From left: Rector Richard Hagelauer, Prof. Hans Irschik, Prof. Alexander Belyaev, Vice-Rector Friedrich Roithmayr

JKU Honorary Doctorate Holders

  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Hans Albert, emeritus University Professor, University of Mannheim (SoWi-Faculty., 4/3/95);
  • Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dr.h.c. Friedrich Asinger †, professor emeritus, Rheinisch-Westfälische Hochschule Aachen (TN-Faculty, 11/24/82);
  • Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Atteslander, professor emeritis, University of Augsburg (SoWi-Faculty, 10/25/2001)
  • Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Kurt Bauknecht, Institute of Informatics at the University of Zurich (1/14/2000)
  • Univ.Prof. Dr. K. Alexander Belyaev, St. Peterburg State Polytechnic University (19.11.2012)
  • Dkfm. Dr. Dr.h.c. Ernst-Bernd Blümle †, University Professor of University Freiburg in Üchtland (SoWi-Faculty, 10/8/90);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Gottfried Bombach, professor emeritus at the University of Basel (SoWi-Faculty, 4/13/83);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Gerhart Bruckmann, emeritierter University Professor, University of Vienna (SoWi-Faculty, 6/24/1998);
  • Univ.Prof.Dr. Dietrich Budäus, University of Hamburg, (SoWi-Faculty, 4/4/06)
  • Prof. Dr. Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (TN-Faculty., 11/26/93);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Heinrich Drimmel †, Federal Minister A/D (Re-Faculty, 6/24/91);
  • Dipl.Ing. Dr.h.c. Josef Fenk, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich;
  • Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Hertha Firnberg †, Federal Minster A/D (SoWi-Faculty, 6/2491);
  • em. Prof. Dr. Al Hartgraves, Emory University (SoWi-Faculty, 28.4.11)
  • Dr. Marie Jahoda †, professor emeritus, University of Sussex (SoWi-Faculty., 11/24/98);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Hans-Heinrich Jescheck, professor emeritus, emeritus Director of the Max Planck Institute of Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg i. Br. (Faculty of Law, 4/30/1998);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Rudolf Kirchschläger †, former Austrian Federal President (Re-Faculty, 6/2/82);
  • Hofrat Hans Marsálek (SoWi Faculty, 24.11.09)
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. August Marx †, emeritus University Professor, University of Mannheim (SoWi-Faculty, 6/27/86);
  • Prof. Carlton James Maxson, Texas A&M University, College Station (TN Faculty, 29.11.11)
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Konrad Mellerowitz †, emeritus University Professor, Technical University of Berlin (SoWi-Faculty, 4/13/83);
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Neunzert, University Professor, University of Kaiserslautern (TN-Faculty, 11/26/93);
  • em.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. DDr. h.c. Karl Oettle, emeritus Director of the Institute forTransport Economics and Public Economics at the University of Munich; (SoWi-Faculty, 11/17/1999)
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Dieter Rückle, University Professor, University of Trier (SoWI Faculty, 27.11.08).
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Johannes SJ Schasching, emeritus University Professor, Pontifica Università Gregoriana (SoWi-Faculty, 12/1/88);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Norbert Szyperski, University Professor, University of Cologne (SoWi-Faculty, 6/3/93);
  • Univ.Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Norbert Thom, University of Bern (SoWi-Faculty, 4/4/06)
  • Prof. Dr. Dr.hc.mult. Claus Weyrich, Board of Directors at Siemens AG, Munich (SoWi-Faculty, 5/5/2000);
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Niklaus Wirth, emeritus University Professor, Federal Technical Academcy of Zurich (TN-Faculty, 11/26/93);
  • Prof. Dr.h.c. Lotfi A. Zadeh; PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dipl.Ing. Dr. DDr.h.c. Heinz Zemanek, University Professor, TU Vienna (TN-Faculty., 11/24/82);

Honorary Senators at JKU

  • His Excellency Yousef Omair Bin Yousef (May 2, 2013)
  • Dr. Hermann Bell, Managing Director i. R., Oberbank AG
  • MinRätin i. R. Dr. Barbara Borek, bm:bwk
  • Dkfm. Dr. Horst Breitenstein, IBM Austria
  • Komm.Rat Dr. Hans Buchner †, Managing Director, Chairperson of the Board, Chemie Linz AG i. R.
  • Dr. Karl Büche, President of the Austrian Federation of Industrialists
  • Ing. Rudolf Andreas Cuturi, publisher of the Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten newspaper
  • Dr. Franz Dobusch, Mayor of the capital city of Linz, President of the Linz Hochschulfonds
  • DI Gerhard Falch, Managing Director of the VAI GmbH
  • Dr. Karl Fellinger †, chief physician, professor emeritus, Director of the II. Medical University Clinic at the University of Vienna
  • Josef Fill, government memberi. R., state of Upper Austria
  • Fritz Freyschlag †, President of the Upper Austrian Chamber for Labor for Workmen and Employees. i. R.
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Heinrich Gleißner †, former governor of Upper Austria
  • Monika Gonauser †, Siemens AG Munich
  • Theodor Grill †, former mayor of the capital of Linz
  • Mag. Helmuth Gsöllpointner, professor emeritus, University of Art and Industrial Design Linz
  • Hofrat Franz Hillinger †, former mayor of the capital of Linz
  • OSR Dr. Wolfgang Hochgatterer, Magistrate Director of Linz i. R.
  • Dr. Nikolaus Hofreiter †, professor emeritus, Department Head of the Mathematics Institute at the University of Vienna
  • KR Kurt Kaun, President Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce i. R.
  • Ing. Karl Kletzmaier, Managing Director of KEBA AG
  • Dr. Herbert Koller †, Manaing Director i. R., Board Chairperson of the VOEST Alpine AG
  • Hofrat Prof. Dr. Ernst Koref †, former mayor of the city of Linz
  • Hofrat Dr. Othmar Köckinger †, University Director i.R.
  • Dr. Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Prof. Dipl.Ing. Karl Leitl †, owner of Leitl-Werke
  • Dr. Dionys Lehner, Managing Director, Linz Textiles Holding AG
  • DDr. Dr.h.c. Josef Lenzenweger †, university professor, Head of the Institute of Church Law and Patrology at the University of Vienna
  • Dr. Dr.h.c. Hans Linser †, professor emeritus, Justus Liebig University Giessen
  • Dr. Peter Magagna, Council of Ministers, bm:bwk
  • Dr. Lothar Matzenauer, Council of Ministers, bm:bwk
  • Dipl.Ing. Peter Mitterbauer, President of the Austrian Federation of Industrialists
  • Dr. Eduard Pesendorfer, State Office Director, Manager of the Linz Hochschulfonds
  • W. Hofrat Dr. Heinrich Pichler †, State Office Directori. R.
  • Dr. Josef Pühringer, Governor of Upper Austria, President of Linz Hochschulfonds
  • Dr. Josef Ratzenböck, former governor of Upper Austria
  • Dr. Gerhard Roiss, CEO of OMV AG
  • Prof. Hugo Schanovsky, former mayor of Linz
  • Komm.Rat Mag. Dr. Ludwig Scharinger, honorary consul, Managing Director of the Raiffeisenlandesbank of Upper Austria
  • Viktor Sigl, President of the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Peter Strahammer †, Managing Director of the VOEST Alpine Stahl Linz GmbH. posthumous
  • Komm.Rat Rudolf Trauner †, President Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Upper Austria i. R., president of parliament i. R.
  • Dr. Erwin Wenzl †, former governor of Upper Austria, Managing Director of the Upper Austria Power Plant AG i. R.
  • Hubert Wipplinger †, President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor

Honorary Citizens at JKU

  • W.Hofrat Dr. Josef Bergmann
  • Dr. Christian Beurle, Managing Director of the BrauAG i. R.
  • Professor Senator h.c. Dr. Johannes Broermann †, owner of Duncker & Humblot Publishers
  • Komm.Rat Dr. Hans Buchner †, Managing Director, Chairperson of the Board at Chemie Linz AG i. R.
  • Komm.Rat Dkfm. DDr. Richard Büche †, Vice President of the Allgemeinen Sparkasse Linz
  • Dr. Hartwig Chromy, Manager i.R. of the BIG
  • Rudolf Fischerlehner, Mayor of Hagenberg
  • Dr. Friedrich Fuchs †, Chamber Director of the Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria. i. R.
  • Dkfm. Johann Grünn, Stv. General Manager of the VÖEST Alpine AG i. R. †
  • Komm.Rat Eduard Haas †, honorary consul
  • Obersenatsrat Dr. Wolfgang Hochgatterer, Magistrat Director of the Capital City of Linz i. R.
  • Gertrude Janeschitz-Kriegl, Concert master of the University Orchestra 1981-1997
  • Dr. Alfred Jelinek †, managing ombudsman of the Student Aid Association
  • Komm.Rat Dr. Herbert Koller †, General Manager of the VÖEST Alpine AG i. R.
  • Hofrat Dr. Othmar Köckinger †, University Director, i.R.
  • Ministerialrat Dr. Franz Loicht, Head of the Dept 9 of the Ministry of Education, Economics and Culture i. R.
  • W.Hofrat Dipl.Ing. Raimund Migl, Head of the Dept. of Structural Engineering, Upper Austrian Government i. R.
  • Dr. Josef Peischer, Director of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor
  • W.Hofrat Dr. Eduard Pesendorfer, State Office Director, Manager of the Linz Hochschulfonds
  • W.Hofrat Dr. Karl Petermandl, Deputy Manager of the Linz Hochschulfonds
  • Prof. Artur Perotti †, Architect
  • W.Hofrat Dr. Heinrich Pichler †, State Office Director
  • Dr. Kurt Pieslinger, Manager of the Austrian Federation of Industrialists
  • Dr. Franz Reisenberger †, Department Headi. R., Federal Ministry of Education, Economics, and Culture
  • Komm.Rat Dr. Hansjörg Rigele †, Honorary Consul, Managing Director of the Allgemeinen Sparkasse Linz i. R.
  • Hofrat Dipl.-Ing. Werner Schiestl, Head of the Subdivision Federal Structural Engineering of the Upper Austrian Government i. R.
  • Dr. Franz Schütz †, President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce. i. R.
  • Prof. Mag. Alfred J. Waldbauer, Director of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Obersenatsrat Dipl.Ing. Alfred Weiner †, Construction Director of the City of Linz i. R.
  • Obersenatsrat Dr. Herbert Wöß †, Magistrate Director of the City of Linz i. R.
  • Komm.Rat Dr. Alfons Wunschheim †, Director of Sprecher & Schuh GmbH i. R.
  • Msgr. Dr. Wilhelm Zauner, professor emeritus of Pastoral Theology at the Private Catholic-Theological University Linz
  • Senatsrat Dr. Hubert Zeitlhofer †, Business Consul

JKU Medal of Honor Holders

  • a.Univ.Prof. Dr. Oswald Benka
  • Dr. Johann Berger, Director of the Protestant Student Dormitory
  • Rose Birkenberg, Dean's secretary at the Faculty of Law
  • Reg.Rat Ing. Heribert Blach, Head of the Department of Facilities Management
  • Eva Dorninger, Civil Servant Linz Hochschulfonds i. R.
  • Dipl.Ing. Helmut Eisendle, Architect
  • DI Dr. Christoph Etzlstorfer
  • Ulrike Grammel, Dean's Secretary at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • Reg.Rat Ing. Helmut Grotz, Master Builder i. R.;
  • OAR Ing. Erich Hansl †, Director of Construction Management at theLinz Hochschulfonds
  • Peter Hildebrand, Manager of the Linz University Mensa i.R.
  • Komm.Rat Dipl.Ing. Johann Kapsamer †, Managing Partner of Joka Works
  • Kons.Rat Ernst Kofler †, Paster of the parish "Heiliger Geist" i.R.
  • Hofrat Dr. Ludwig Koller †, Director of the Central Office of Austrian Exchange Services i. R.
  • Dr. Josef Kolmhofer, Managing Director of the Landes-Hypothekenanstalt i. R.
  • Reg.Rat Anton Leitner †, Directory of the Bursary at the University of Linz i.R.
  • Gertrude Lidl †, Secretary of the Founding Director
  • Veronika Mayrbäurl, Dean's Office Director, Faculty of Social Sciences, Econonics and Business
  • Dr. Marianne Meinhart †, Professor Emeritus, Head of the Institute of Roman Law
  • Konsulent Director Peter Müller, Managing Director of Student Dormitories in Upper Austria
  • Sofie-Hermine Ploberger, Office Manageri. R.
  • Reg.Rat Hubert Pühringer †, Billing Director of the Linz Hochschulfonds i. R.
  • Prof. Robert Stockinger †, managing editor for Arts & Entertainment i. R.
  • Ing. Mag. Franz Treml, Architect
  • Reg.Rat Erwin Unfried, Director of the Bursary
  • Ing. Helga Wagner, Landscape Architect
  • Johannes Wetzler, Bandmaster, Conductor of the University Orchestra

Senior Fellows

  • o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Bruno Buchberger
  • em. Prof. Dr. Franz Nuscheler
  • Prof. John Timothy Sale, Ph.D.

Ring of Honor

  • em. Univ.Prof. Dr. Urbaan M. Titulaer
  • o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Peter Weiß