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Appointment Procedure for Professors

Appointment Procedures for Professors

The university will draft and then finalize a comprehensive job profile. The job profile serves to provide interested applicants with detailed job requirements, conditions and professional responsibilities as well as in-depth information regarding the available position’s rank and status within JKU’s organizational structure. In this way, assessors can determine if the applicant possesses all qualifications as described in the job profile and if the applicant is best suited to fill the position.

Subsequently, the available position will be advertised and published in the official gazette of the Wiener Zeitung and the Johannes Kepler University bulletin (Mitteilungsblatt). Candidates applying via official channels are incumbent to the search committee.

Internal and external assessors will be nominated to conduct an assessment procedure to review the candidates’ professional area of expertise. These assessors will evaluate the candidates in regards to the criteria in the job profile.

After the evaluation procedure, the committee will select the most suitable applicants. These candidates will have an opportunity to qualify themselves through a series of publicly accessible presentations.

The presentations will serve to provide insight into the candidates’ skills, specialized backgrounds and professional expertise as these personal characteristics cannot be determined in the form of a written application, i.e. research personality and the candidates’ methodical, social and didactic competencies.

The presentations will consist of an academic/scientific talk on the candidate’s topic of choice. The candidate will then also conduct a teaching lecture. The topic for the teaching lecture will be selected by the search committee. At the end of each presentation, the candidate will provide an opportunity for an open discussion; the search committee will also conduct additional public discussions with the candidate regarding his/her plans to work at the JKU.

After the introduction of the appointment procedure, the Senate chairperson will decide upon the nomination and create a search committee that will function as an authorized, decision-making commission.

The search committee will create a list of potential candidates based on prepared assessments, professional evaluations and the candidates’ professional qualifications and expertise, particularly in lieu of the candidate’s presentations. If necessary, the committee will request the submission additional assessments and evaluations. The next step is a procedure to create a shortlist of candidates.

During the course of the appointment proceedings, the Rector will select a candidate from the shortlist.

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