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Habilitation (Post-Doctorate) Procedure

Habilitation (Post-Doc) Procedure

The habilitation (post-doctorate) procedure has been designed to determine excellence in academic and didactic qualification as a pre-requisite for the acquisition of a higher-level academic teaching qualification (venia docendi) in an area (professional field of expertise) offered at the university or in a professional area that notably supplements the curriculum.

The candidate must submit a written application to the Rectorate to apply for a habilitation degree and indicate the professional field of expertise he/she wishes to qualify for. The Rectorate will review and assess the application to determine its admissibility.

Subsequently the area of expertise will be specified in detail, whereby the dean of the faculty concerned will prepare and submit a list of university professors to the academic senate chairperson for the application of the relevant academic area.

Internal and external professional assessments will be reviewed in the university senate committee and the habilitation commission, assembled by the academic senate, will be approved as an authorized commission.

Next, during an assessment procedure, the senate chairperson will inform evaluators of their appointments and request they provide a written evaluation.

The next step is a proceeding in the habilitation commission. In compliance with § 103, para. 1 of the Universities Act 2002, the habilitation commission must rule whether or not the petitioned habilitation field is a “complete academic field”.

In conclusion, the habilitation commission will assess and evaluate the applicant’s academic qualifications as well as his/her didactic skills.

In a publicly accessible habilitation colloquium, the candidate will have an opportunity to present his/her habilitation thesis and address any specific points of criticism (“defensio”).

Before issuing a habilitation degree, the Rectorate will review submitted reports and appendices to examine whether or not basic procedural principles have been violated.

At the end of the habilitation procedure, the senate chairperson will compose a standard report on the entire habilitation procedure for the purpose of quality control. After that, the conferral of the habilitation degree will become effective.

Additional details can be found in the corresponding section.