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The Department of Public Relations and University Communications is responsible for internal and external communication at the university as well as marketing activities at JKU. The departments are subdivided into the area of PR and University Communications and Marketing. Our core tasks include providing a transparent image of the JKU, its services and to publicize and support the JKU brand internally as well as externally.

PR and University Communications

Our main focus in regards to PR and University Communications includes portraying JKU’s image to the public and on campus by means of implementing targeted measures that include writing press releases, organizing topics for diverse media, responding to press inquiries, coordinating press conferences and discussions, preparing press invitations and providing photo materials as well as composing public relations texts. The department also edits the official campus periodical, Campus News.
The PR and Communications team provides professional support to members of university management, JKU faculty and staff, institutes and Central Services involved in the area of communication and media relations in regards to public relations, publicity and graphic design. Public activities are aimed at achieving long-term, long lasting re-identification with JKU. Our core tasks also include media design such as ensuring the availability of the university’s corporate design as well as preparing business reports, study and image brochures.


The Marketing division conceptualizes, coordinates and communicates marketing ideas aimed at various target groups (school students, students, parents, opinion makers) designed to strengthen the JKU’s image. The department places great importance on improving internal university communication and providing more transparency. The Marketing department creates and publishes the employee information news magazine “Inside JKU”, sends out a bi-weekly e-Newsletter to all JKU faculty and staff on behalf of the Rectorate and organizes “Welcome Packages” for all new JKU employees.

In addition, the department creates awareness and provides information about the JKU which goes beyond regional and national borders.

The department organizes presentations at Austrian secondary schools, attends study fairs around the country, and provides campus tours in the hopes of attracting prospective students to enroll in academic studies at the university. Students are provided with information on academic degree programs at the university. The JKU attends numerous school information fairs in order to present JKU as an attractive university that provides a variety of services for its customers, the students. The Web 2.0 track will also be expanded in the school marketing program.