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Taxation - Master's Degree Program

The Master’s degree program in Taxation is a comprehensive interdisciplinary and cross-faculty program. Students will extensively address issues in fiscal, managerial, and financial aspects of taxation. Graduates will not only gain in-depth insight into various areas of taxation, they will also be prepared to meet the challenges of everyday practice in the field of tax consulting.

Prerequisites include base knowledge in law and business administration or students can acquire the required base knowledge material during studies. Base knowledge in fiscal and social security law will be taught during the course of the program. This allows students to have the same, consistent basic level of background knowledge in law, business, and tax law for a deeper look into fields of tax consultancy such as fiscal law, commercial taxation and accounting – all requirements to successfully pass the tax consultant examination. Furthermore, the program offers ideal requirements to professionally practice tax consulting independently in accordance to stipulations under accountancy laws or pursue other independent or dependent activities in the context of planning and executing tax issues for businesses and in the context of business consulting.

The program is research-led and conveys taxation in a comprehensive manner and at the highest level. For this reason, the program not only focuses on fiscal law and corporate tax, but also on finance. Special cross-cutting issues supplement interdisciplinary functions. Students will have a better grasp of cross-curricular correlations and be in a position to develop excellent, applicable solutions to solve to real-world issues.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Master’s Degree Program in Taxation
Degree Awarded: Master of Law or LLM or LLM (JKU)
Length: 4 semesters