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Digital Business Management - Joint Master's Degree

The ingress of digital media and technologies in the business world and having to re-design business models based on these forms of media and technology go hand-in-hand and are becoming the basis of modern design concepts.

In the past 40 years, information technology and the internet have become an indispensable part of the business world:
The combination of technical and business concepts (Maaß, 2008) combined with new marketing concepts (such as advertising oriented value networks and business models like Google, Facebook, and YouTube) show that there is a demand for programs that address new fields of skill and combine these skills with concepts of “Digital Business”. Digital Business is the strategic expansion of conventional fields of business to reshape concepts based on changes in market legalities or market positions: “Digital business is business in which strategic options have been transformed - and significantly broadened - by the use of digital technologies.” (Slywotzky & Weber & Morrison, 2000).

Graduates of the program will be equipped with the following skills and able to successfully address strategic, tactical and operational activities:

  • Methodological expertise in phases of analysis, creativity, design and implementation
  • Expertise in the design and implementation of sustainable business models and their reflective analysis from a business-ethical perspective
  • Leadership skills in regards to international management skills and personnel management
  • E-Business skills in innovation, strategy, planning and controlling processes
  • Managing international projects
  • Innovation skills: ability to creatively solve unfamiliar and unique problems in Digital Business
  • Comprehensive media skills (instinctive handling of new technologies)
  • Managing corporate responsibility
  • Comprehensive expertise ranging from independent entrepreneurial business planning to the strategic management of one's own company

Admission and Application Procedure

Prospective students must apply for one of 30 spots in the program at the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria. It would be wise to assume that the admissions process will allocate spots in the program taking into account the applicant's qualifications in balance with graduates from universities and universities of applied sciences.

Applications can be submitted online or by mail to the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria (program: Digital Business Management); the FH OÖ will review all incoming applications and send the JKU a list of potential candidates for the program. If the selected candidates fulfill all eligibility requirements at the university (a personal interview may also be required), he/she will be admitted by the Rectorate as a student of both the JKU and the FH OÖ.

See FH OÖ for detailed information.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Degree Program: Joint Master's Degree Program in Digital Business Management
Degree Awarded: Masters of Science in Digital Business Management or MSc
Length: 4 semesters