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Web Sciences - Master's Degree Program

The Master's degree program in Web Sciences at the JKU is offered together with The University of Art & Design Linz.

The Master’s program in Web Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree program. The program offers those with academic background in various fields a research-led expansion and in-depth look at fields relevant to the web such as technology, business, law, society, art and culture. This enables graduates to

  • Implement interdisciplinary projects requiring a high degree of team skills, social competence, and how to think and act in a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary way.
  • Understand a selection of tasks, solution approaches and methods from outside disciplines and link these with previously acquired skills, particularly from an undergraduate or Diploma degree program

The program aims to develop knowledge and skills from the student’s own subject area and apply these using an interdisciplinary focus (introspective) and external focus (extrospective) to attain a higher academic and creative level.

Insofar as pedagogical and content aspects are maintainable, the students’ learning processes will be accompanied by documentation and communication processes using the reflective application of digital/audiovisual web-based media. The program’s purpose and methods revolve around the use of the web.

Graduates qualify for an array of potential career opportunities, particularly according to their selected branch of study. The special qualification features lie – correspondent to the web as a phenomenon in an intercultural, socio-technological system – in the graduates’ skills as specialists to be able to function in both conventional professions as a generalist and possessing an understanding for additional web-relevant fields.

The program is Web Sciences is divided into the following branches of study:

  • Social Web
  • Web Art & Design
  • Web Business & Economy
  • Web Engineering
  • Web and the Law

The educational background at the undergraduate and graduate level varies and the in-depth study of web sciences awards graduates with the academic degree title (Master of Science – MSc). However, it can be allocated to various degree programs and requirements for admission to a doctorate degree program can be different.

Academic Degree Program / Duration

Academic Degree Program: Master’s Degree Program in Web Sciences
Degree Awarded: Masters of Science or MSc or MSc (JKU)
Length: 4 semesters