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Finance and Accounting - Master's Degree Program

Program Objective

The Master's degree program "Finance and Accounting" follows an
- integrated approach in all relevant perspectives of modern financial leadership

  • at companies,
  • in public administration and
  • at private, non-profit organizations.

- application-oriented specialization in

  • Finance & Managerial Accounting or
  • Accounting & Tax Management

- Interdisciplinary networking in specialized areas as part of current topics

Career Prospects

Graduates of the program can pursue challenging management tasks in Austria or abroad in the fields of finance, tax management, managerial accounting and financial accounting:

  • At companies in all areas of business and industry
  • In auditing, tax consulting, and controlling & consulting
  • In the banking sector, such as in portfolio management, treasury, corporate financial analysis
  • In public administration and in non-profit sector management
  • in academia in the areas of research and teaching

Admission Requirements

  • Prospective applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree or Diploma degree in Business (WiWi JKU) or
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree comparable in content and scope to Business at the JKU

Equivalency is given if courses in Business Administration total 100 ECTS credits and at least half of the course content in other subjects within the undergraduate degree program in Business are covered.
        - see the curriculum for details under § 2 Admission


Program Schedule

Master's Degree Thesis

In the area of "Accounting und Tax Management":
- Providing the student has successfully completed the subjects "Grundlagen in Finance and Accounting" and "Vertiefende Forschungsmethoden und Praxisfragen in Accounting und Tax Management".

In the area of "Finance und Managerial Accounting":
- Providing the student has successfully completed the subjects "Grundlagen in Finance and Accounting" and "Vertiefung in Forschungsmethoden in Finance und Managerial Accounting".

Students must attend the Master's thesis seminar while writing their Master's degree thesis.

Master's Degree Examination

  • Part 1: Successful completion of mandatory subjects and electives
  • Part 2: Oral examination: defence of the Master's thesis and discussion of exam results

In order to complete the second part of the Master's degree examination, students must successfully complete the first part, earn a passing grade for the Master's thesis, the Master's seminar as well as autonomous courses.

Academic Degree/Program Length

Degree Program: Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting
Degree Awarded: Master of Science or MSc or MSc (JKU)
Length: 4 Semesters

Recommended start of studies: Winter Semester
The examination reading list for individual modules in "Grundlagen in Finance und Accounting" can be found on the following institute websites:

  • Module: Controlling and Management Accounting

  • Institute for Controlling & Consulting
    Institute for Management Accounting

  • Module: Public Business Administration and Non-Profit Management

  • Institute of Public and Non-Profit Management

  • Module: Tax Management

  • Institute of Tax Management

  • Module: Financial Accounting and Auditing

  • Institute of Financial Accounting and Auditing

  • Module: Corporate Finance

  • Institute of Corporate Finance