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Finance and Accounting - Master's Degree Program

Objectives of the Master's Degree Program Finance & Accounting

The Master's degree program "Finance and Accounting" aims to provide in-depth knowledge in the fields of finance and accounting as well as a corporate a hands-on approach. Students will acquire specialized knowledge in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting/Controlling, Public and Non-Profit Management as well as Tax Management. More importantly, both areas will be equally represented; there will be no concentration in just Finance or just Accounting.

Prospective Careers

Capital markets today require interdisciplinary expertise in Accounting, Tax, and Management Accounting. The program provides an integrated approach to all relevant perspectives of modern financial management that can be applied at companies, public administration and private non-profit organizations. A multidisciplinary network of specialized knowledge within the framework of current topics will be applied and support individual and team-related skills as to how to solve problems as well as communicate financial issues and information in the context of a company's system.

Opportunities to work in challenging leadership roles are growing not only in Austria, but also abroad in the field of finance as well as internal and external accounting:

  • At companies in all industries
  • In the fields of auditing, tax consulting and business consulting
  • In the banking sector
  • In public administration and non-profit management
  • In academic research and teaching

Program Structure

Each Winter Semester, the institute offers an introductory course designed to provide insight into the program's structure. Attendance is not mandatory and no ECTS credits are given. The course titled "Einführungslehrveranstaltung für Finance and Accounting" provides students with an opportunity to get to know faculty members involved in the program and meet fellow classmates. Faculty members will provide information on the program's individual areas, students will have an opportunity to have any questions addressed as well as be able to exchange information with fellow classmates.

The Master's degree program "Finance and Accounting" is aimed primarily at students who not only wish to acquire practical, hands-on qualifications, but also acquire a sound theoretically based, academic profile.
The program and its courses have been designed to achieve these goals. This includes courses (KS), intensive courses (IK), and seminars (SE) in the areas of

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Controlling and Management Accounting
  • Public Business Administration and Non-Profit Management
  • Tax Management
  • Business Finance

These four basic steps are also an important and significant conceptual part of the Master's degree program:

The basic levels consist of five module examinations given by individual institutes and each course is worth 6 ECTS credits. In order to enroll in an in-depth, case study classes in Finance and Accounting, students must pass the respective subject-specific module. In order to take the seminar "Forschungsmethoden für F & A" as well as the intensive course "Diversity in der Managementpraxis", students must successfully complete all modules.

The block session "Vertiefende Spezialfälle" consists of two additional block sessions whereby students must complete a total of 30 ECTS credits, however 9 ECTS credits are the pre-requisite for the next stage. The block session "Spezialkenntnisse" consists of mandatory classes and is worth 24 ECTS credits.

The block session "Ergänzenden Spezialkenntnisse" consists of mandatory elective classes. Students must complete 6 ECTS credits. This block session also contains only one of the subject-specific pre-requisites for the courses.

As already mentioned, 24 ECTS credits from the block session "Spezialkenntnisse" and 6 ECTS from the block session "Ergänzende Spezialkenntnisse" must be completed in the context of the in-depth, case study courses. 9 ECTS credits from this large block is a prerequisite for the next level.

The third stage focuses on current issues that were discussed during seminars 1 - 3 in Finance and Accounting, IK Diversity in Management Practice and the free autonomous coursework. 9 ECTS credits from the in-depth special case study classes are prerequisites for the seminars from the group of current issues.

In addition, an additional15 ECTS credits must be completed as part of the Master's degree program. IK Diversity in Management Practice can only be taken after completing basic F&A courses. There are no pre-requisities for autonomous coursework in the amount of 12 ECTS credits.

Recommended Completion of the Program

  • 1st Semester (30 ECTS Credits)
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
  • 2nd Semester (30 ECTS Credits)
  • In-depth focus on Finance and Accounting
  • IK Diversity in Management Practices
  • Autonomous coursework
  • 3rd Semester (30 ECTS Credit)
  • In-depth focus on Finance and Accounting
  • Current issues and developments in Finance and Accounting
  • Autonomous coursework
  • 4th Semester (30 ECTS Credits)
  • Master's Degree Thesis + Master's Thesis Seminar
  • Autonomous coursework

Master's Degree Thesis

  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Basic F&A and SE Research Methods for Finance and Accounting
  • Must be completed parallel to the Master's Thesis Seminar
  • Topic must be from the "Vertiefende Spezialfälle" area in the following fields:
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Controlling
  • Management Accounting
  • Public Business Administration and Non-Profit Management
  • Tax Management
  • Business Finance
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Academic Degree/Program Length

Degree Program: Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting
Degree Awarded: Master of Science or MSc or MSc (JKU)
Length: 4 Semesters

Recommended start of studies: Winter Semester
The examination reading list for individual modules in "Grundlagen in Finance und Accounting" can be found on the following institute websites:

  • Module: Controlling and Management Accounting

  • Institute for Controlling & Consulting
    Institute for Management Accounting

  • Module: Public Business Administration and Non-Profit Management

  • Institute of Public and Non-Profit Management

  • Module: Tax Management

  • Institute of Tax Management

  • Module: Financial Accounting and Auditing

  • Institute of Financial Accounting and Auditing

  • Module: Corporate Finance

  • Institute of Corporate Finance