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Bachelor's Degree in Biological Chemistry

The Bachelor's degree program in Biological Chemistry is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (TN) at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz and the Faculty of Natural Sciences (PRF) at the University of South Bohmemia (SBU) in Budweis, Czech Republic. The program provides students with sound scientific, academic, and application-oriented education for biologically oriented chemists. The program focuses on all areas of chemistry considered significant for the operation and analysis of biological systems as well as areas of biology in which chemical interactions are important. In comparison to a degree in Technical Chemistry, this program's educational objectives will give students a deeper understanding of biochemistry and biology. The program focuses on general biology, inorganic biology, analyticaöl topics, organic biology and physical chemistry. After completion of base-knowledge courses, the program will focus on topics in molecular biology and bio-analytical issues. Students who have strong English-language skills can also opt to take language classes (for example, German-speaking students who have strong English-language skills can take courses in Czech and Czech speakers who have strong English language skills can take courses in German).

The program incorporates expertise in subjects offered by both the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (TN) at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz (chemistry, biophysics, mathematics and computer sciences) and the Faculty of Natural Sciences (PRF) at the University of South Bohmemia (focus on subjects in biology, including biochemistry).

Research-support learning and research-led teaching is applied throughout the course of the program. This ensures that graduates possess required and selected factual knowledge in Biological Chemistry in order to primilary acquire problem-solving skills to address complex interdisciplinary problems and keep pace with rapid developments in the field of Biological Chemistry.

Career Prospects

The program not only prepares students to pursue numerous application-oriented professional fields that will require an increasing number of biological chemists in the future, the program also prepares students to conduct base-knowledge research in biology and chemistry at public and private research facilities, particularly those that have an international environment. A few examples range from bio-medical research, pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and environmental analysis to working at medical and diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology fields, public administration offices and working for international research organizations.

The successful completion of the Bachelor of Science degree (BSc, in Austria) and Bachelor's degree (Bc, in the Czech Republic) qualifies graduates for professional occupations as laboratory managers as well as project assistants and research assistants. The program's international focus and the fact that the program is taught in English qualifies graduates to pursue professions in a variety of multinational environments (EU institutions, internationally active companies).

In addition to technical expertise, hands-on courses will give students an opportunity to work in teams and hone their social skill sets, enabling them to successfully work together with managers and employees in a multlingual, international environment. Students will develop enthusiasm to learn more in support of cross-border communication and interdisciplinary continual education. The program will help students to build character and develop a social skill set that will fulfill the prerequisites required to work successfully within a multinational, interdisciplinary team.

Academic Degree Program / Length of Studies

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree in Biological Chemistry
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BSc) of the JKU Linz and a Bachelor's degree (Bc) awarded by the University of Southern Bohmemia
Program Length: 6 Semesters

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