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Master's Degree in Biophysics

In recent history, no other area of science has shaped and influenced the development of technology as much as research in the area of physics. The Master's degree program in Engineering Physics was originally conceived as a Bachelor/Master's degree program and requires strong skills in precision, logical thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness. Program objectives include honing skills to convey independent problem solving by applying methods developed in the areas of physics, biophysics, and nanoscience, be it in the substructures and applied research of the economy and business, or as an independent business owner. The program enables engineering physicists to work in many diverse areas, in particular within interdisciplinary teams. To ensure the high degree of education, participants not only have a solid general education, including an emphasis on mastering experimental, theoretical and numerical problems, but participants also - especially during the Bachelor's degree program – will also be capable of identifying and solving existing problems in research and/or industrial development. The Master's degree program has been designed as an extension of the material covered in Bachelor program and is an advanced, in-depth study of Engineering Physics.

The Master's degree program in “Biophysics” is a detailed examination and analysis of biological systems, especially on the molecular and cellular level, utilizing modern methods of physics and biological sciences. Participants are educated to become interdisciplinary specialists possessing sound education in selected areas of physics, in particular biophysics, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Career Prospects

The curriculum is demanding, diverse and broad. Graduates are in high demand as they possess the capacity and capability to address and solve problems. Occupations include a wide range of engineering careers ranging from jobs at industrial companies to basic research, and R&D technicians at large industries. Graduates can also pursue careers in the public sector in areas such as environmental protection, process engineering and testing, and hospitals (medical engineering). An increasing number of physicists are also being hired at business consulting and software design companies as well as at banks.

Academic Degree Program/Length

Academic Degree Program: Master's Degree in Biophysics
Degree Awarded: Diploma Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieurin) - (DIin or and Diplom-Ingenieur (DI or Dipl.-Ing.)
Program Length: 4 Semesters

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