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Master's Degree in Polymer Technologies and Sciences

The Master’s degree program "Polymer Technologies and Science (PTS)" is offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (TNF) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) and is an extension of the Bachelor’s degree program in "Polymer Engineering Technologies" at the JKU. This academic degree program is held entirely in English.
The Master’s degree program "Polymer Technologies and Science (PTS)" focuses on transferring the following academic content and skills:

  • Expanding on a scientific and technical understanding of base-knowledge in the fields of "Polymer Materials and Testing", "Polymer Processing", and "Polymer Product Engineering" with supplements in the fields of "Polymer Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering" and "Lightweight Construction".
  • Specialization subjects at the most modern levels of science and technology provided by offering a broad selection of in-depth subjects and active involvement in research projects in the framework of a graduate degree thesis.
  • Comprehensive methodical skills in the fields of experimental and empirical methods as well as virtual methods (numerical modeling and simulation) in all subareas of polymer engineering and science
  • Learning problem-solving skills to scientifically approach issues in polymer sciences and plastics as well as acquiring expertise to find solutions and approaches that apply internationally to both an industrial and research environment.

Career Prospects

Students in the Master’s degree program possess a broad scientific-technical basis allowing them to meet the continual challenges of demanding professional occupations at manufacturing companies as well as refined skill sets in research, development and management. Professional occupations include jobs at companies, businesses and institutions of various sizes (small and mid-size companies to large corporations) focusing on:

  • The entire spectrum of the plastics industry (plastics manufacturing, plastics processing, plastics machine manufacturing),
  • The entire spectrum of applications in the plastics industry, including packaging, construction and infrastructure technology, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, energy technologies, sports and recreational applications, medical engineering in particular,
  • Service institutions and facilities (such as engineering offices, technology transfer centers),
  • Public and private research institutions,
  • Regional, national and international regulatory or inspection authorities and agencies.

Graduates of this Master’s degree program are expected to contribute significantly to the development and application of polymer technologies in industry as well as in fields of related research. The program’s variety and versatility create ideal requirements for rapid, flexible adaptation to the ever-changing demands and new scientific and technological developments in the fields of Polymer Sciences and Technologies. The advanced curriculum not only includes mandatory classes, but also a wide selection of flexible, in-depth classes which students can select to attend based on their interests. The combination of complementary technical and scientific subjects provides graduates with cutting-edge access to the challenges faced by industry, business and in research. This multi-disciplinary program in English guarantees that graduates acquire skills to apply to interdisciplinary cooperation efforts as well as skills to communicate successfully in an international environment, particularly in technical and scientifically related fields.

Academic Degree / Program Length

Degree Program: Master's Degree in Polymer Engineering Technologies and Sciences
Degree Conferral: Diplom-Ingenieur or Diplom-Ingenieurin (Dipl.-Ing. or Dipl.-Ing. (JKU) or DI or DI (JKU))
Program Length: 4 semesters (120 ECTS credits)

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