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Teacher Education Program for: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, and Information Management – Diploma Degree Program

NOTE: Beginning Winter Semester 2016/17 prospective students must apply for admission to the Bachelor's or Master's degree in Teacher Education Studies for Secondary Schools (General Education). Prospective students may no longer be admitted to a Diploma degree program in Teacher Education Studies.

The JKU offers a Diploma degree in Teacher Education studies to qualify students to teach at higher level secondary schools in the subjects of chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer sciences and computer science management. This program is a good choice for those who enjoy one of these subject areas and wish to pursue a career in education to work with young people.

Students must also select a second teaching major or a teaching subject at an external educational institution. The program aims to provide students with an academic-based degree to qualify as an educator at a general upper-level (AHS) school and/or a vocational (BHS) secondary school.

The program focuses on providing students with professional, didactic, educational and social skill sets as well as a willigness to pursue continual education. Students acquire extensive knowledge of fundamentals and current developments in the field as well as methods of educational and learning processes. Student teaching sessions allow students to practice different teaching techniques in the classroom.

The teacher education program offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the Johannes Kepler University Linz is a 9-semester program of study consisting of two sections. The first section encompasses 4 semesters and the second section is five semesters. Each section must be completed by successfully passing a Diploma degree examination.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Teacher Education Program are primarily trained to pursue careers in teaching at higher level school systems. Graduates of the Teacher Education program can - particularly if they take advantage of advanced continuing education and post-graduate programs - also pursue careers in areas of industry and business.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Diploma Degree in Teacher Education for higher level schools (Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Informatics/Information Management)
Degree Awarded: Magistra of Natural Sciences (Mag.a rer. nat.) and Magister of Natural Sciences (Mag.rer.nat.)
Program Length: 9 Semesters

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