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Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronics

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program enjoy a broad, solid education that enables admission to an advanced degree program or immediate access to a professional career. Graduates in professional positions will be able to apply their acquired skills to learn about new fields and new technologies quickly as well as how to apply problem-solving skills in support of lifelong learning. Graduates' active participation is especially in demand in areas where theory and hands-on practices are linked. Students will be able to independently apply and solve practical problems and tasks using the appropriate scientific methods.

The program is broad, interdisciplinary, science based and the corresponding flexibility allows students to pursue careers in various branches as well as very different professional functions. The following outlines qualifications:

  • Application Oriented: Using real-world examples in order to hone problem-solving skills by applying base-knowledge and efficiency methods.
  • In-Depth Learning: Advanced learning in topics and methods in relevant subjects as well as related fields such as mechanics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and system & control engineering.
  • Independence and the Ability to Learn: The ability to learn quickly and independently when required. This includes both subject-specific, advanced courses as well as cross-linked networks.
  • Sustainability and Knowledge Relevance: Mastering knowledge, skills and methods that have longer "half-life" of knowledge in support of sustainable education for advanced studies and professions.
  • Teamwork, Social and Gender Skills: Ability to work together in a team/group environment and work effectively with representatives from related professional fields as well as unrelated subject areas.
  • Ability to Critique and Make Decisions: Based on scientific methods, the ability to make, represent and justify independent decisions. Critical capacity to assess the impact of one's own actions as well as the actions and decisions of others.
  • Technological Assessment: Ability based on scientific methods to judge the consequences and impact of technologies, procedures, etc. on society, the immediate environment, be it in the short or long term.

Please be aware that descriptive geometry is a prerequisite for students enrolling in the Bachelor's degree program in Mechatronics. Students enrolled in the degree program who cannot show that the requirement has been fulfilled will be asked to take a supplementary examination in descriptive geometry.

Career Prospects

The scope of Mechatronics is a synthesis of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer sciences. Mechatronic graduates are the “decathletes” among engineers. Graduates can pursue careers as product developers, programmers, sales engineers, CAD engineers, research engineers, operation engineers, measuring and control engineers and restoration engineers and develop, for example, modern hydraulic systems, roller mill equipment, and engineered robots.

Academic Degree/Program Length

Program of Study: Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronics
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Program Length: 6 Semesters

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