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Bachelor's Degree in Technical Chemistry

The Bachelor's degree program in Technical Chemistry offered at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the Johannes Kepler University Linz serves as professional training for engineering/sciences oriented chemists. The program has been designed to give students broad expertise in various fields of chemistry, chemical technology and process engineering, thereby providing a sound basis for students who intend to enroll in a graduate degree program in the field or pursue occupations at chemical and technology-oriented institutions and facilities.

The Bachelor's degree program in Technical Chemistry conveys the following skill sets:

  • Sound, base-knowledge in the areas such Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Technologies and Process Engineering
  • Base-knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and other fields of Natural Sciences in accordance with the demands of Technical Chemistry
  • Expertise to work in chemical laboratories and handle chemical materials safely and responsibly
  • Ability to successfully apply scientifically sound strategies to practical, real-world problems
  • Ability to recognize innovative approaches in support of improving products and processes
  • Capacity to assess technology in regards of short and long-term impact to society and the environment;
  • General social skills such as communicating in a foreign language, presentation and rhetoric skills, ability to work successfully in a team environnebt, addressing legal and gender issues.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the program in Technical Chemistry have particularly good job prospects, particularly in índustrial chemical fields (industries in petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, paper, cellulose and cosmetics) as well as in areas of environmental protection working for agencies, government administration, and research institutions.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree Program in Technical Chemistry
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BSc or BSc (JKU))
Program Length: 6 Semesters

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