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Technical Mathematics - Bachelor's Degree Program

The Bachelor's degree program in Technical Mathematics and the Master's degree programs in Mathematics in Natural Sciences, Industrial Mathematics and Computer Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz prepares students for occupations in the following professional fields:

  • drafting and analysis of mathematical models for processes in mathematical models, business and natural sciences,
  • applying known methods and developing new methods to various models according to the state of mathematical sciences,
  • executing and applying solutions by generally implementing algorithms on computers according to the latest developments in software technology.

The program enables students to study independently and also supports team communication and collaboration, especially with experts in the respective fields of application.

Career Prospects

After successful completion of studies, graduates can pursue occupations in the following areas (examples, not a complete list):

  • Research and Development facilities in industry, business and the public sector.
  • Companies that provide financial services, such as banks and insurance companies.
  • Companies in the area of software development and information technology.
  • Universities, other post-secondary educational institutions and external research institutions and facilites.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program can pursue a variety of career opportunities in various fields, particularly those that use known mathematical methods and existing computer software and, if necessary, graduates can suitably adapt and further develop these programs and methods based on a deep understanding of mathematical foundations according to the current state of science. The development of new methods and their use in real-world situations based on research results is reserved for students enrolled in the graduate degree programs.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree in Technical Mathematics
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BSc oder BSc (JKU))
Program Length: 6 Semesters

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