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Master's Degree in Technical Physics

The Master’s degree program in Technical Physics aims to provide students with the skill set and abilities to independently solve problems by applying developed methods in physics, be it in base-knowledge or applied research, in business, or as an entrepreneur or independent business owner. Students who successfully complete the Master’s degree program are eligible to be admitted to the doctorate degree program.

The advanced Master’s degree in Technical Physics expands on the Bachelor’s degree offered in Technical Physics and offers in-depth courses in selected subject areas of Physics, putting students at the frontier of current, rapidly changing research.

In addition, the Master’s degree program – particularly the completion of a Master’s degree thesis – enables graduates to solve current problems in research and/or industrial development and develop experimental and/or theoretical work programs. Students can improve their proficiency in English by taking part in English-language courses. Students are also especially encouraged to pursue special study abroad programs which allow for corresponding credit recognition.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program in Technical Physics possess a comprehensive, broad understanding of base-knowledge engineering and physics, particularly condensed matter physics, statistical physics, photonics, computational physics, and advanced measurement technology. By addressing selected problem areas, students acquire the skill sets and vision needed to break new scientific ground and contribute to current research. They master experimental and theoretical methods of modern physics with special attention to applications in relevant topics and methods.

The Master’s degree program provides graduates with a strong understanding of the nature and operation of research as well as ways to implement findings in technology and other real-world applications. The broad educational program qualifies graduates to work in various fields, particularly as part of an interdisciplinary team. Students are able to explain scientific findings in a comprehensible way and apply multidisciplinary approaches to benefit society in research and application. Graduates are also in the position to follow content-based, methodological developments in the field and provide expert advice on their use.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Master's Degree in Technical Physics
Degree Awarded: Diploma Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieurin) - (DIin or and Diploma Engineer (DI or Dipl.-Ing.)
Program Length: 4 Semesters

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