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Diploma Degree in Law

The Diploma degree program in Law provides students with an extensive legal education focusing applying the law to interdisciplinary sections. Students will learn to address and critically reflect on the legal issues that face modern day society as well as learn how to independently incorporate new legal material to existing legal structures and argue results in a coherent manner. The program curriculum emphasizes the importance of learning and understanding legal methodology as well as basic legal structures. Special attention is given to the relations between state and federal law, international law, and EU law. Students should also be in a position to independently choose (at least) one sub-area of specialization.

Ranked according by importance, students in the Linz Diploma degree program in Law will learn to:

  1. Master areas in general education as well as special subjects, particularly core subjects (civil law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law; all subjects including procedural law)
  2. Study comprehensive background in legal methodology; skills to provide academic/scientific analysis to individual areas of the law
  3. Master legal working and operational methods, particularly applying existing law to practical cases including European and international issues.
  4. Recognize the Interdisciplinary relationships in Austrian and European legal systems and their specific references to one another
  5. Acquire in-depth knowledge in at least one area of specialization (area of concentration)
  6. Understand correlations in the law in a historical context and the social importance of law
  7. Recognize gender-sensitive legal areas as well as fields of application for anti-discrimination legislation and gender mainstreaming
  8. Understand base-knowledge legal design concepts (particularly drafting contracts and legistics)
  9. Study core subjects in Business Administration and Economics

Multi-Media Diploma Degree Program

The JKU is the first Austrian university to offer a unique distance learning law degree program free of time and location constraints and based on e-learning principles. The virtual multi-media Diploma degree program provides students with a complete program in Law using video, sound, images, graphics and texts in order to complete required courses and examinations.

Students can access all of the required course materials in pre-prepared “media kits”. Online law courses are offered continually throughout the semester via internet video streaming. The examination process has also been organized so that students have the opportunity to complete written examinations nationwide at numerous partner locations as well as by certain notaries. Outside of Austria, students can take examinations at Austrian agencies located abroad. Oral examinations are given in Linz or can be completed via internet video services.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Diploma degree program in Law acquire a solid legal education for professions requiring the completion of law studies (judges, notaries, lawyers, legally trained government employees) as well as for many other professions, including fields of business, social fields, and politics. The core base-knowledge classes taught in the program helps students acquire skills of flexibility that are indispensable in a working and professional world that undergoes constant change.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Degree Program: Diploma Degree Program in Law
Degree Awarded: Magistra of Law or Magister of Law (Mag. iur.)
Program Length: 8 semesters