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Bachelor's Degree in Business Law

The Degree Program

The Bachelor's degree program in Business Law has been designed so students may pursue their choice of study within the Business Law program: students may choose to either complete studies to become a Business Attorney or Tax Attorney.

The first set of required courses in the program will cover compulsory general education in legal and business law, particularly in areas of business administration, private and civil law, and public law, including tax and European law. Furthermore, students will attend courses to study areas of economics, business law and legal gender studies. The program has been designed to provide a more in-depth education for future graduates of Business Law in areas of business administration and economics so they can better understand the correlations between law and business.

Given the steady increase in European and national sources of law in the area of commercial law (which is also subject to constant changes), a strong knowledge base in economics and legal issues is becoming increasingly important for students who intend to pursue professions in corporate and/or tax law. The curriculum focuses on the crucial importance of "legal English" language skills for business law practices and students can take individual language training according to their needs.

Career Prospects

Although the Bachelor's degree program does not provide graduates with access to core legal professions (judgeships, prosecutor / district attorney, notary / lawyer, attorney), the curriculum provides a strong basis for graduates to pursue professions in tax consulting, at financial administrative offices and at businesses (as tax expert). Graduates in business law can pursue professions at larger companies and corporations (legal departments, acquisition departments, management level jobs), banks and insurance companies, utilities and telecommunication companies, government service sectors, etc. In addition, the Bachelor's degree program in Business Law qualifies students for additional business-legal academic programs such as double-degree programs in Law and Business. In this regard, the curriculum includes special considerations as the Bachelor's degree program is a pre-requisite to enroll in the Diploma degree program in Law.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree in Business Law
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Business Law (LL.B. or LL.B. (JKU)) or Bachelor of Tax Law (LL.B. or LL.B. (JKU))
Program Length: 6 Semesters

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